Friday, January 22, 2010

Blogged out

Geez, I knew it had been a while since I had posted, but I just haven't been motivated to get back into the blogworld!!! Nothing too exciting has been going on around here. Just surviving the cold front that came through (at least we got some flurries) and then enjoyed the warm weather that followed. And somewhere in the middle of that, we all went through a nasty stomach bug that needed us to cry for help from my parents. They were troopers to step in.

Kennedy is walking like a champ now and it has made my life so much easier! We can play outside now without her getting soooo filthy and ruining all of her tights and pants. She is still doing the Frankenstein walk, but she is really close to running!

Here are some pictures:

Kids watching the snow flurries
playing in the 'snow'

Landon doing sparklers during New Year's. He LOVED them this year after being really scared the last two years. Kennedy enjoyed them too, surprisingly!

Cotton bowl game with some of Lance's Ole Miss buddies
Cowboy's playoff game..

Ok, I probably deserved getting flamed for posting this of my sweet boy, but I really couldn't resist!! At least it's not on facebook and not too many people find my blog (i think!!). We went over to a good friend of mine, Mandy Cauley, to play and obviously the kids start playing dress up. For those who don't know, but Landon has been obsessed with Snow White the movie because of the dwarfs (his fav is Grumpy). He calls them 'hi-hos' because of the song they sing. Anyway, he was thrilled to find that Harper had a snow white dress he can wear to play along with Harper. This video is priceless and I won't post any pics...this is enough!!! ;)

And this is a video of Kennedy dancing with my dad when he came over while we were sick. Thought it was cute