Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I have always thought that Fall was my favorite season, but I know now that Spring definitely has to be! I just love being outside while not melting or freezing, admiring the gorgeous flowers, being tickled by soft caterpillars, hearing the giggles and squeals of my kids while they play in the sprinkler, waiting patiently for a crawfish to nibble on my meat tied to a string so i can yank him out of his cool water creek, playing in the rain, and a new one this year...observing the mating season of our sweet puppy, Brownie. Well, I guess she is no longer a puppy any more! I am just glad the kids haven't asked too many questions. ;)

These past three days of our spring break have been complete bliss for me while enjoyed all of the above and more. I have also enjoyed how much my kids are playing so well together too! It just makes me smile over and over listening to them interact.

Last week, the kids had Easter parties to attend and we have a few more this week as well. I was able to snap a couple of cute pics along the way!

Landon's class had their party at Mrs. Angel's house. Here they are lined up to hunt them down!

Craft station

And here are some pictures from the last two days while we stayed at home:

Playing in the rain

Crawfishing, Kennedy wouldn't go near them!