Saturday, June 19, 2010

swim, swim, and more swim!

This week we have gone swimming at least once a day, if not twice a day. The kids are loving it and it's a great way to stay cool in this VERY WARM weather! We did have a few play dates thrown in there, but of course, it involved water! One afternoon, Suzanne and her kids came over to play on the are some pics.

Landry and kennedy playing in the sandbox

The Tyler kids with Landon and kennedy (we had to bribe them for a group shot!)

Soap Suds fight!!!

Sweet Jake
Lance left on Thursday to attend some meetings in San Francisco and then got to go to Pebble Beach for the US Open. He comes back tomorrow, but unfortunately, the kids and I will be in Shreveport for an entire week. I am conducting a basketball camp at St Marks and my parents are going to help with the kids. I hate that we won't get a chance to see Lance on Father's Day! :(

This morning, I took the kids to pick blueberries and Landon LOVED it! Kennedy, not so much. I am not sure if she was feeling too great and all she wanted is for me to hold her. After that we hit the Ruston Farmers market in search for some peaches. I have been trying to get over to Mitcham's peach orchard all week but never made it. I just hope they have some after next weekend's peach festival!

Kennedy picking blueberries

Landon was so proud of all the blueberries he picked!

And here is a short video of Kennedy jumping off the diving board this morning

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June beach trip

We had a short stay in Ruston before we headed back to the condo in orange beach. We are really trying to get in as much time there before the oil gets bad or gets too warm. But before heading south again, we had lots of time at the Squire Creek pool and some playdates at the house. I have really enjoyed spending time and getting to know Nancy Hunt and her kids. Her and Katie Clark have come over several times and I just love them! Here is a picture of that crew taking a water break...

This week long trip to the beach was fun and eventful. My good friend that lives in Birmingham came down with her two kids, Jack (3) and Claire (2). They stayed there until Lance and my family made it down on Thursday. The oil hadn't arrived at our beach, but it did finally hit for the first time while we were down there. It was a very sad and surreal moment. Everyone would stand at the shore and watch it roll in. But, fortunately, it only kept us out of the water for only a day and a half. And by then, we were ready for a change of scenery. So, we filled those days with going to the zoo, tennis and going to the Track. And by then, the oil had been cleared up and we were back in the water!

We did, however, take two trips to urgent care. The first trip was for Landon. Apparently the meds for his ear infection wasn't working and he started running fever and asking to lay on the couch (not like him at all!). So, i was glad I took him in to get that changed. And since we were already there, I had the doctor look at my shoulder. Apparently I tweaked my rotator cuff and it flared up. She gave me some meds and it cleared up fast!

The second trip to the urgent care was for Kennedy. She too, had a double ear infection before we left, but she was on the Augmentin, the strongest antibiotic. She started running fever as well, and crying that her ear hurt. So, back we went. The doc really couldn't find much wrong with her besides her ear being a little red. She is still complaining about her ear today, but I will give it some more time before taking her back. At least the fever has stopped...just wish the crankiness would too! I have a sneaky feeling that she might be cutting two year molars, but I am having a hard time looking/feeling in there!

Kennedy has really gotten into coloring and i am loving it. She finally quit eating them (most of the time)! She is also into stickers as well. Those have been her favorite past times. Landon has gotten into the super hero phase. He has several capes now and he pretends to be superman and batman. I welcome the change from the pirate/sword fighting phase!

I was very glad that my little brother, Kip, April (kip's girlfriend), and my mom were able to spend some down time with us at the condo. I think everyone was able to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather we had all week. Here are some pics from our June beach trip:

The famous Souvenir Store in Gulf Shores. i think i might try and get this same picture each time we go back!
landon "flying" on the swing at the Track

My friend, Jenny, and her kids while we were at the zoo

My lil swimmer

Oil coming in for the first time. This is as bad as it got on our beach, thank goodness!

I'm surprised I got lance to smile...I drive him nuts always wanting to take pictures!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial day weekend

I got to spend most of my weekend in Shreveport on Memorial Day weekend. My high school was having a decade reunion that included a reunion basketball game on Saturday. So, my old high school teammates decided to make a weekend out of it and play in the game. It was wonderful seeing everyone again and I especially enjoyed playing in the basketball game (even though no one took it seriously, thank goodness!!). I do believe that my teammates and I still have it!
Friday night dinner with our former coach at Byrd

Right after the game (our team won!)
On Sunday, I was able to spend time at my parents house since both of my brothers were in town. I thought it was a very appropriate occasion to hang out with them and celebrate all of the armed forces that put their heart and souls into protecting our country. We took a little house boat ride on the lake and went for a little swim! I think my mom really enjoyed spending some quality time with her kids!