Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving thanks...

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am thankful for soooo many things this Thanksgiving!! Here is a top 5 that I have limited myself to (otherwise i might bore you to death!):

1. An incredible, loving, and thoughtful husband who spoils me rotten! I am so grateful for all of his hard work that allows me to stay at home and raise our kids. We have been married for over 6 years and there still is no one else that I would rather spend my time with...he is truly my best friend!

2. Two beautiful, funny, and healthy kids that keep me young, tired, and on my toes!!

3. My parents, who I still turn to everyday for all my questions about life and parenthood

4. Normal in-laws that have got to be the most precious people in Ruston!

5. A great group of friends that make me laugh and let me lean on quite often

Landon's top 5 things to be thankful for:
1. His movies (Snow White, Peter Pan, and Sword in the Stone)
2. brownies
3. his grandparents
4. his sword, hook, and motorcycles
5. An icee

Kennedy's top 5 to be thankful for:
1. her mama (which drives me crazy...still trying to teach her independence!)
2. apple juice
3. Landon's toys
4. paci
5. strawberries

This month has definitely gone by way too fast. Not much went on, but below are some pics that I captured throughout the past few weeks. I took a photography workshop and I have been messing around with my camera (trying to get it off of 'auto'). Today, I was able to purchase a new lens for my camera with the gift card that Lance gave to me for my birthday. Yep, I had another birthday last weekend and I was able to share cake and ice cream with my parents and inlaws. Landon enjoyed opening my presents and blowing out my candles (as you can imagine). Afterwards, Lance and I went to dinner with some friends at Genusa's in Monroe and had a great time!

Hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

The first several pictures are from Lincoln Parish Park...just messing around with the camera while the kids played...

here are some of Landon's buddies: Ava and Jake

Landon playing in the dirt with his motorcycles..

Also, we took Landon's 3 year old portraits with Kevin Beasley...he did an incredible job. You can go to his website to view them. Our password is 1515

Monday, November 9, 2009

Confession Time

I have to say that I consider myself as a good mom, but today, I was officially a rotten, lazy mommy! I need to make my confession and get over it.

good mommy moment: I took the kids to the library this morning

bad mommy moment: allowed Landon to watch tv the entire time Kennedy took her nap. I refused to fight Landon on his nap so he had "quiet time" and I can tell you that Kennedy took a record long nap today! Not to mention, he continued to watch tv even after she woke up!

bad mommy: food today consisted of nuggets, halloween candy, brownies and pizza

good mommy: there was some fruit involved and L ate all of his carrots before he even touched his pizza (which he only had two bites of pizza)...maybe a sign that he knew he had too much junk food

good mommy: outside play for about an hour (with no bug spray and they got ate up)

bad mommy: L is presently watching more tv while i finish my dinner and post this blog. And I probably wont give him a bath tonight and REALLY hope that he just falls asleep while watching tv so I don't have to fight him on his bedtime routine! But he has never done that, so I doubt THAT happens!

At least he will go to bed early and maybe I can catch up on my shows until Lance returns home later this evening!!!

Thank you for letting me vent and I am sure there will be more 'confessions' all my journey of motherhood!!! ;)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Happenings....

Our halloween was soooo much fun! Landon really got into this year and for an entire week, he kept going around the house saying, "I can't wait to go trick or treating!!" And boy did we!

Halloween eve, Lance and I attending a costume party as Dora and Diego and such a great time!! I will be the first to admit that I really didn't look too cute, but at least it was original! I really had to twist Lance's arm to even dress up, but he got into full character and was an absolute riot at the party!

Halloween day, I took Landon to the fire station for some games that turned out to be pretty fun. Then we rested up for our afternoon/evening. We attended the Fall Festival at our church and then attended a neighborhood party filled with a jumpy for the kids, hayride for trick or treating, and some yummy food. It was such a perfect night for trick or treating! Landon caught on really quick what to do and loaded up on some candy that we all have been enjoying!! ;)

This was on Friday when he wanted to wear his pirate costume all day

My pooped pirate

Dora and Diego

Temple Fall Festival

Ballerina getting ready for all the Halloween festivities

Neighborhood boys getting ready to go trick or treating
Trick or Treat!

Enjoying the hayride