Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Lance!

This week we celebrated Lance's birthday. I say week, because that's basically what we did!! Sunday, I gave him my present which was the private cooking lesson. His birthday was actually on Wednesday, so he asked his mom to cook his favorite meal for us and his parents came over to have dinner and hang out with us. And then Thursday night, we had 4 other couples get together with us at Steve Davison's house for a private 6 course meal cooked by the head chef and owner of 102 Bistro (ruston) and Sage (monroe). This was FABULOUS!!! Each course included a different wine and it was super yummy! Then our friends gave Lance (another) cake to sing Happy Birthday to him.

What a wonderful week for my sweet, hard working, adoring hubby!! Happy Birthday! (or shall I say birthweek!!! ;) We love you!!

Easter school party

This past Wednesday, Landon's class at Temple's Mother's Day out had their Easter party and I brought Kennedy with me to enjoy Landon's festivities (she only goes 2 days a week). Thank goodness his class had their's one day earlier because it was nicer weather and both kids missed the next day with snotty noses. Poor Kennedy missed her party that day, but at least she got to join in on the fun with Landon's class. It didn't take long for her to catch on.

L with his teach Mrs. Sarah, who he loves!!

L showing is sister all the eggs he found

His teacher had each child wear a tag with which egg they were supposed to look for. Landon's eggs were the basketball ones (sooo appropriate!!). I thought that was a super idea and went great!! They each had the same amount and no one fussed!

Kennedy joining in on the fun

As of today, we are now proud, part-owners of a beach condo in Orange Beach, AL. I have to admit, we are pretty excited about it!! We closed today on it and there's a really good chance that I might get to take the kids this Sunday!! I am interested in seeing how they will enjoy it!! It will be challenging to drive 8 hours down with just me in the car (lance will be working) and two little ones. I will keep you posted!!! ;)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cooking lesson

Tonight was a very unique night for me and Lance. His birthday is this week and he is very difficult to buy for. So, i decided to do something a little different. I brought in our local Pampered Chef consultant to give us a cooking lesson and it was an absolute blast!! I surprised Lance with it and I was a little nervous about how he would take it. He rolled with it and had such a great time! It helped that Tish was such a great person to help us in the kitchen and give us great pointers too.

I thought about making it a 'romantic' or 'gourmet' dinner, but I went practical instead, getting some reciepes the entire family can enjoy. I was also able to pound her with questions to get great ideas for meals. With lots of laughs, food and fun, I highly recommend doing that at some point with your spouse! It was also very nice to have it done in our own kitchen.

I also can't post this blog today without mentioning this crazy we are having. Yesterday, we were in short and enjoying some warm Spring weather, while today we have been outside because it's been snowing all day!!! It's nuts! And tomorrow is a high of 65 and the next day will be 74 degrees!

In other news, my camera has been shipped off to be repaired (i dropped it last month) and i am short on pictures here lately. I have decided to post some pics from last month instead!! I forgot to post that Kennedy had her first haircut!! Although, I really wouldn't consider it being a real haircut, just a small trim to shape around her face. In fact, Lance couldn't even tell she got it cut!



making cupcakes with Landon for KK's birthday

Monday, March 1, 2010

Fast and Furious February

It's hard to believe that February has come and gone so quickly!!! Wow! We had a winter blast that came through and brought us about 5 inches snow for about 20 hours. We took advantage as much as we could. Landon loved it and Kennedy just wanted to eat it! She didn't care for walking in it which might have had to due with putting Landon's old boots on for the first time. Since we hardly get any snow, it's safe to say that we don't have ANY snow clothes which made several trips inside for some warming up and hot coco!

Kennedy taking her first taste of snow
Our first snowman!! Landon named it "Ava" (after a friend in class)

After naps, the snow started to melt and so did our snowman... :( Notice that our grape 'eyes' and carrot 'nose' have mysteriously disappeared!!

Other events that took place in February were several basketball games in Ruston and we also took a quick road trip to Waco to watch Baylor play Texas Tech. Both teams had former coaches that I adore and it was great to see all of them on one night. I especially enjoyed visiting with a good friend of mine, Brooke Stoehr, who is expecting her first baby. I know it's hard to believe, but in this picture, she only has 3.5 weeks left!!