Sunday, March 29, 2009


This morning, we had both Landon and Kennedy dedicated at our church, Temple Baptist. I was worried when Landon woke up in a FOUL mood that it was going to be a long morning. It was tough distracting him during all of the pictures and pre-ceremony activities, but he was perfect once we got up on stage. And, like always, Kennedy gave us zero problems.

Both my mom and father-in-law were out of town, but Lance's mom and my dad were able to attend. It was a special day and I was glad they were able to join us. After church, we rewarded Landon with pizza at Pizza Inn and he loved it!

Here are some pictures in the foyer, waiting to take our family picture with the photographer.

My dad was able to spend the day with us in Ruston and I was so thankful for him doing that. Landon just LOVES his Papa Kenny! He took Landon to the park while Lance and I were able to attend the Squire Creek crawfish boil. We knew it would be hard to eat crawfish while taking care of two little ones. The only thing that I hated about that is that I missed seeing some friends at the park!! My dad ran into Suzanne Tyler and her kids out there who was so nice to let Landon use their wagon! ;) Thanks Suzanne!!

Kennedy joined us at the crawfish boil and she just hung out in her carseat carrier. The weather was perfect and crawfish was even better! I forgot my camera, but I did get one picture of Kennedy with my phone.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Landon's lizard

Well, this post has been sitting on my draft board for over a month! I completely forgot about it! I think I was waiting to find some time to download some video of this topic, which i finally did a couple of weeks ago. So, I think these pictures are from the beginning of March.

A couple of weeks ago, Landon discovered how much he loves lizards!! He likes to find them and (eventually) pick them up. He has even tried to put them in his pockets!! Since then, we have bought a bug 'motel' to put bugs, lizards, leaves, etc in them. He loves doing this and what i love more than anything is his joy and pure laughter that comes with it.

Searching for lizards

Not quite sure if he wants to touch it...

Now, he loves it!! But then got in trouble for bringing inside the house!! ;)

Trying to put it in his pocket

Here is a video clip from playing with the lizards

He also loves to ride his 'new' bike I got at Kool Kids. I had to let him ride it all over the inside of our house since it rained so much when he first got it. Now that it's getting warmer, he rides it outside. Don't worry, we now have a helmet for him to wear! ;)

Lance's birthday

Yesterday was Lance's birthday and we decided to just hang around the house with the family. It's so much easier than having to drag two kids out and fight the dinner crowds. So that means more cooking for me and I am doing better at it!! Before Landon, we enjoyed going out to dinner. After Landon, Lance would bring home dinner. And now, with Kennedy here and us living further out, I try to make dinner more so Lance can come straight home to see the family.

Anyway, last night's menu consisted all of Lance's favorites. Creamy tacos and chocolate cupcakes!! Although, I think if Lance had a choice, I would think that his new favorite meal is fried deer steak that I introduced to him about 3 weeks ago. It's always been my favorite growing up, but I just hadn't cooked it for him until now.

Here are some pictures from last night and from Landon making birthday cupcakes. Needless to say, that was all Landon wanted for dinner!! And he keeps saying that his birthday is tomorrow so we can have cupcakes again!

And here is a video from last night as well. You would think it was Landon's birthday because we put the cupcake in front of him, but he wanted to help his daddy blow out the candles!! And it also started to thunder while we were eating so I put landon's reaction to that as well!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy half birthday to Kennedy!

I can't believe Kennedy is already 6 months old!! I took her to the doctor today for her check up and everything is going great!! She got lucky and avoided shots because they were out of one of them so I plan on taking her back later this week to get them. :(

Lance asked me this morning if I needed to go with me to the doctor for the shots because with Landon, I had such a hard time watching him get them. I told Lance not to come because it just doesn't phase me anymore!!! (but i still hate to see them cry!)

Here are her stats:

Weight: 16 lbs 13 oz
Height: 26.5 inches
Head circumference: 42.5 inches

And here are a couple of pictures of Kennedy and Landon from yesterday and this weekend:

This is from the other morning when they were still in their PJs. It's been fun watching them interact more. Kennedy has this 'squeal' that she only does with's too cute!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Let the good times roll

My parents hosted a party at their house two weekends ago and I am just now downloading the pictures. They threw a party for my cousin Matt and his fiancee, Angie. They are getting married in April. It was great to visit with my relatives and see some old buddies that I haven't seen in a while. My parents did a great job of hosting. They had a dj, catered food (that was yummy!!!), and even had the zip line going too! It was a windy, cold evening but everyone still had fun!!

Courtney and Kennedy
Claire and my cousin, Emily
MacKenzie, Natalie, Landon, and Chloe

We also attended one of Landon's friend's, Harper, birthday party. It was held at Trinity Church gym. Gotta love being able to let the kids run all of their energy out!! The birthday girl was dressed so cute in her High School Musical outfit.

Birthday girl, Harper
Landon enjoying cake

Early risers and a heat wave!

Ok, I know I have been MIA in the internet world over the past week or so, and I need to catch up! I have been getting up with Kennedy between 4:30-5:30ish every morning and by the time 8:30 pm comes along (which is when I normally get on the computer), I am wiped out. The other night I was alseep by 9:15 pm, which has to be a record. And for some reason, Landon has been getting up around 6:30 every morning when it used to be 7:30. Hmmm, maybe the daylight savings will help that!

I finally took Kennedy into the doctor on Friday to see if she had an ear infection after the 2 week cold she had. Yep, she did. I guess that explains all the early rising she has been doing since that was really the only symptom she was having. And now we are all thrown off by the daylight savings time. Although, we LOVED it last night as we were able to play outside longer. Landon cried when we told him it was time to come in. He said, "It's not dark. It's not time to come in!" I guess I need to find a new reason for him to come in to get ready for bed!

This past weekend, the weather was wonderful!! I am so ready for Spring to get here and this weekend felt like it. We played outside as much as we could and loved it. The only bad thing about it was we discovered that BOTH of our air conditioner units weren't working. Yikes! So, our house was a little warm all weekend. Poor Landon keeps waking up from naps and in the morning with his hair soaked. Even Kennedy had her little sweat dots on her nose. :( I am hoping the guys can come fix it this morning. I had plans on going to Monroe this morning but had to cancel them to wait for the A/C guy to come.