Friday, August 13, 2010

A sweet reunion

In between the last month, I was able to meet up with a sweet dear friend of mine, Shannon Russell. She and her family are now at the university of tennesse where Eric is coaching football. Her parents have a lake house in Texas so the kids and I drove over for a day to visit with them and let our boys have a sweet reunion!! I was also able to meet the new addition of the family, sweet little girl, Hadleigh. It made me miss my dear friend!!!

Here are some pictures from that reunion. The boys had a ball playing outside, having a sprinkler party and going on an adventure!

Hayden tearing into his birthday present

even sweaty boys can share a hug and a kiss!
Sweet hadleigh (the Hayden look a like!!!)

Please don't be mad, Shannon, that i posted this one!! ;)
dirty boys!!

More beach and more fun!

Ok, so I have boycotted my blog again and just kept putting it off to get it updated. I really need to do better! This past month has flown by like the rest of the summer. A couple of trips to the beach can do that I guess.

The kids both went to see Dr. Neal, who is our ENT doctor and put them both on new meds before deciding to get tubes or not. Landon had them two years ago and he hasn't had too many ear infections, but lately he is getting some 'bulging' on the inside of his ear drum. And kennedy has just had 10 weeks of antibiotics due to infections, but I have to say that whatever he gave to her two weeks ago has seemed to work! We go back this Wednesday and I am curious to see what he says.

We have been at the beach this past week and it was also a mini celebration of mine and Lance's 7th anniversary!! We went to the Sugarland concert and was able to have Christy and Jeff Albritton meet us (they were already at the beach at the same time). I am just so fortunate to have such an amazing best friend and husband. It's hard to believe that we have been married for that long, yet it seems like yesterday!

Lance had to go back to work on Monday (poor thing had to get to Dallas for the Ranger/Yankee game for 'work'). So me, the kids, and our WONDERFUL babysitter, Lindsey McDaniel, stayed the rest of the week by ourselves and had an absolute blast!! I really wanted to get someone to come with us, but looking back on it, I loved the downtime that I was able to get and Lindsey is such great company to be around. Plus the kids LOVE her.

We were also able to drive down the coast to Panama City to visit some cousins of mine and let our kids play together. It was great to visit with Kyle and his wife, Meredith and to see my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Jack. I can never get enough of my family!!! Especially when I hadn't seen Kyle since he got back from living in Budapest and I loved seeing my Uncle Jack feeling better now that his cancer is in remission. It was a LONG day, but the kids played hard and loved it. It was also a great break from the everyday routine at the condo.

Here are some recent pics:

This one is Kennedy in a Matilda Jane outfit, which is a new line that I am obsessed with!

The adcox family joined us at the beach and it was Sara's birthday! She got to enjoy some birthday pancakes!

Adcox and Hall kids

August beach trip pictures

I absolutely love this one...not quite sure how I got it! ;)
We were able to meet up with my cousins in Panama City. Caden and Reese Liner with the Hall kids

Ha!!! Wiped out from swimming!!! ;)