Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Outer Space

Funny story....
Lance is in Las Vegas right now with his parents for the Tech Golf conference tournament and I was trying to explain to Landon where he was.

Landon: "Where'd my daddy go?"
Mommy: "He is in Las Vegas."
Landon: "Waas Begas?" With a confused look, "Where'd my daddy go?"
Mommy: "He is flying on an airplane to get to Las Vegas"
Landon: With a surprised look, "He's in outer space?"

So, all week Landon has been telling everyone that his daddy is in outer space!

One more cute story...
I was telling Landon at breakfast this morning that his KK (my mom) will be here tonight to see him:

Mommy: "KK is coming to see you today"
Landon: he got very excited. "KK coming here?"
Mommy: "yes! She will be here when you are getting ready for night night"
Landon: "I'm tired!"
Apparently he thinks he can go to bed right now and his KK will be here!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Need a break from Spring break!

Last weekend, we went to Shreveport for my youngest cousin's wedding. Matt Reger and Angi had been dating a while and we were all glad to help celebrate their wonderful occasion! We brought both kids to the ceremony and I was soooo nervous about how they would behave. But they were perfect!! Although, Kennedy started to babble for the first time and it just happen to be during the ceremony. What perfect timing! She has been 'talking' ever since! Here are some pics from the wedding...

Landon watching the girls dancing at the reception...not really sure if he wanted to. He finally did, but he wanted someone to hold him!

Landon with all of the girls...

Just had to throw this one in. It was on our way to the wedding!

Lance was able to attend, but then came on back to Ruston to play in a golf tournament. Me and the kids stayed with my parents for a long weekend since Spring break was the following week, which meant no mother's day out for Landon. Of course, Landon was in boy heaven hanging out at my parents house and I guess I was too since I had some helping hands. I know we would have stayed longer, but they kicked us out so they could go on a trip to Tennessee to a motorcycle race for my dad. Yep, he is racing again! I guess he is loving retirement!

We got back into Ruston on Tuesday and we have spent almost every waking hour outside enjoying this beautiful weather. We had several playdates and it has been wonderful watching Landon play and interact with other kids. Kennedy was just along for the ride and just loves watching and laughing at her big brother as he plays.

This weekend we are just hanging around the house and enjoying spending time with Lance before he heads off to Vegas on Sunday night. He will be gone until Thursday night. Lance's dad has a golf tournament with his Tech players there, so Lance is going to join in on the festivities. I would have gone too, but I am going on a girl's trip to the beach this Thursday and I CAN'T WAIT!! Good thing my mom is so awesome to come over and help with the kids while I am gone. It will be my first trip without Kennedy so it makes me a little sad to think about that. I am glad that she taking a bottle well, but I hope I am still able to continue to nurse her when I get back.

In other news, my brother Kip is coming home from Iraq in less than a month (yeppie!!!!) and Lance's sister and husband just bought a house in New Orleans! They are so excited (and nervous) about it. They won't be able to move in until June.

Here are some pictures from the past week...

My dad and Landon went for a little jog Monday morning

An Easter pic of Kennedy that I forgot to download from my camera!! ;)

Landon and our neighbor, Henry James cooling off with a popsicle

Henry and Landon playing in the sandbox

Playing at the First baptist gym with my friend Suzanne Tyler and her kids. I was so disappointed that my pictures of her kids didn't turn out! :(

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Well, our Easter didn't start off too great, but it ended perfect! Friday night I went to visit some old high school friends to have dinner and we had a wonderful time catching up and remembering old times. As I was driving home, the stomach bug hit hard. Let me just say that it was a long ride home by myself. Thank goodness it was only a 24 hour bug, but I felt bad that my mom got it as well. I guess she will think twice about keeping the kids next time since we both got it from Landon! I love you mom and I am glad you are feeling better too!

Lance was a wonderful dad and husband this weekend. He took up ALL of the slack while I was in bed ALL day on Saturday. I think a day and a half with the kids by himself was good for him. He actually really enjoyed it, but I think he is exhausted. And this is after he drove 10 hours to get home from the Masters on Friday. Give it up for my 'super dad' husband!!

Easter Sunday wasn't like I had planned, but it will do! We woke up and Landon was so ready to see the 'motorcycle' that the Easter bunny brought him. For some reason he thought he was getting two motorcycles and asked where the Easter bunny went so he could bring the other one! Too funny! He got one of the big wheel tricycles like his buddy, Henry, and I guess he thought he was getting a real one like his Papa Kenny too.

Apparently, Landon caught the stomach bug at school on Thursday. I got a call to see if I wanted come pick him after he threw up during lunch. They weren't sure if he just ate too fast, had too much Easter candy, or if it was a stomach bug. They said he was acting fine and didn't think he was sick since he was acting normal. He never once slowed down or acted sick and it wasn't until Friday night that I realized that he had a bug and had given it to me. I am just glad I decided to leave him home Friday morning from our church Easter egg hunt even though he seemed fine. And, obviously, we didn't attend the Saturday Easter Egg hunt at Squire Creek. I really wanted the kids to go to that, but I knew it would have been hard for Lance to take them by himself.

On Easter Sunday, we weren't able to attend church due to the fact that I didn't want to take any chances with Landon playing with other kids even though he probably no longer contagious. We did, however, make it out to Squire Creek for lunch with Lance's family. Lance's sister and husband were in town and hadn't seen the kids yet so we enjoyed seeing them. Afterward we went over the Lance's parents to watch the Masters and have an egg hunt inside since it was raining outside. Landon wore his Jana out with hiding the eggs over and over. I forgot my camera!! :( I was disappointed that I didn't have it with me. I felt great most of the day but I continued to keep my distance from everyone.

Well, I was able to get a few shots over the weekend. Some of these are from Landon's Easter party at school (prior to him getting sick). Hope everyone had a great Easter!

Landon's class

Landon's buddy Brady

Hunting eggs at school

Temple Mother's Day out classes

The Easter bunny came!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Party weekend!

If Landon could map out a weekend of 'things to do' in Ruston, he probably would have planned this weekend exactly how it was....

Let's start off with Friday evening when his Big Papa and Jana brought over pizza for dinner. Then his 'Miss Lindsey' came over to play with him (ok, babysat while his mommy and daddy went to a dinner party). They got to go outside and play in the sprinklers and water puddles. He could have stayed out there all night long! I am sure there was some kicking and screaming to come inside!

Saturday morning he went to Jackson Lee's birthday party at the 'gym'. Of course, his favorite thing was the 'jumpy' and who doesn't love cake?? He had such a blast playing with some of his buddies: Jake, Harper, Beau, and of course the man of the day, Jackson! I literally had to drag him out of there when we left.

Birthday boy, Jackson, and his buddy, Jake, looking at the fabulous John Deer cake!

Me, Hannah, and Suzanne at Jackson's birthday party

After a very brief nap (I think he just played in his room for a while when mommy and daddy thought he was sleeping), it was outside in the backyard hitting golf balls with daddy for 2 hours! I was taking a nap and woke up to find my boys outside and Landon still in his nice clothes from the birthday party. Oh well, we had to break them in sometime!
Then it was off to the park and play with his best buddy, Hayden Russell. It was a beautiful afternoon and everyone had the same idea. After playing in the sand, water, and playground, it was time to go home for dinner. Again, more kicking and screaming to leave the park.
Before bedtime, he got to play the 'big brown bear' game and got tucked in by his daddy. Whew long day for that boy meant an early bedtime! Here are some pics from playing at the park with Hayden:

Sunday we woke up ready for more action. We missed church because Landon and I decided to make pancakes for Lance and time slipped up on us and I knew there was no way I could get everyone ready in time. So, he got to play all morning with Lance, while I went to the grocery store. Here are some pics from making pancakes.

After his nap, we went to another birthday party at our neighbors house that afternoon. The weather was windy but beautiful. All of the kids enjoyed playing outside and wishing Myles a happy birthday. After the birthday party, his buddy, Hayden, came over to play and have dinner. This time, it was his buddy Hayden that was kicking and screaming to leave. Lance had been gone all afternoon doing a fantasy baseball draft, so when he came home, he wanted to play with Landon and put him down for the second night in a row.
Eating birthday cake

Riding on the train at Myles birthday party

Kennedy doing what she does!

Whew!! I am exhausted, but I might have enjoyed myself as much as Landon did!! And, of course, Kennedy was just along for the ride and has just started to laugh at her big brother as he plays in front of her.

And, did I mention that Friday afternoon we were in the doctors office to treat Landon with a double ear infection?????? Yep! And even one of them had a blister on his eardrum. Poor little man! It was the first time that he was able to tell me that his ear hurts. I was sooo excited he told me otherwise I never would have known to take him in!! I guess it never slowed him down!