Friday, September 16, 2011

Kennedy's third birthday

So much has gone on since my last post and it will all have to wait because today is my sweet little girl's birthday! As i am typing this, I am shaking my head wondering where the last three years have gone! I can't believe how big Kennedy is getting and she is such a joy to be around. I am not the best at writing so here are some Top 5's of what Kennedy is into these days:

Top 5 favorite things to do:
5. dance
4. play with the new "pup pups" (that's another story....)
3. color or paint
2. swim
1. play outside

Top 5 favorite foods:
5. toast with jelly
4. baby bell cheese
3. milk (i know it's not a food...)
2. corn dog or waffles (both usually frozen...i know, yuck!! I think she just loves the independence of getting it herself)
1. sonic grill cheese

Top 5 favorite toys:
5. Little pony
4. shopping cart
3. tea set
2. ride on toys
1. dress up or wear tutus

today was a fun day for the birthday girl. She got to wake up to a room full of balloons that me and her brother got to put out after she went to sleep. Landon got a HUGE kick out of sneaking in and putting them on her floor. When she woke up this morning, it was absolutely priceless hearing her scream for joy at all the balloons. She was amazed at why they were there and lit up when she realized it was her birthday. then it was playing with them for about 20 minutes before coming downstairs.

We got to hang around the house for most of the day and it was nice to finally be able to sit down and play with her. All week she has been so disappointed when i told her i didn't have time to since we were getting ready for school each day. Then, tonight we had both my parents and Lance's parents come over to help celebrate Kennedy's birthday. It was a great excuse to use the green egg and get outside to enjoy this nice weather. Here are some pictures of her sweet day.

Here she is after playing with her balloons. She wanted me to 'bury' her in her bed. These balloons have been fun toys today!! Sorry it's so small....i had to steal it from facebook (too lazy to download from my phone!)

Sporting her new princess dress from the inlaws. She got to help make her cake today (obviously! it was hard to restrain from helping too much)

Her new ride from us and my parents. This thing goes fast and she LOVES it! Now she can keep up with brother!

Happy birthday to my sweet kennedy!