Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter and Weekend getaway

Well, this has to be my favorite post by far!! Not because of what I am about to post, but from where I am posting it from!! Too bad I can't show you the picture of my view, but it's from the balcony of our condo in Orange Beach. We have been here all weekend with three other couples and Lance and I decided to hang back for one more night before heading home in the morning. I hope to get some shopping in, some beach time, and then attend the Tim McGraw/Lady Antebellum concert tonight after dinner

We left last thursday for a weekend getaway with The Clark's, Parker's, and the Hunt's. Without kids!! We have had an absolute blast. Between the great restaurants, great company, big laughs and great views, I just can't leave this place! The beach was a little cold at times when the wind would pick up, but I will definitely be coming home with some color!! Our highlights...

1. Shelley wanting to take a "shift" in the back seat
2. me leading our group of 8 on a wild goose chase to find "Steamers" restaurant
3. the girls kicking some boo-tay in Cranium
4. Cullen passing out after choking on some ice (very scary, so not a good highlight. Thank goodness he is ok!)
5. jeff's outrageous urges to scream out the window

I will post pics of our trip when i get back home to download!!

And now onto our Easter weekend....I hate to admit that I haven’t really gotten into the Easter festivities with the kids like I should. I just can’t imagine dying Easter eggs with the kids because of their ages, especially when I don’t really care for hard-boiled eggs! But this year, we did hide Easter eggs for the first time for the kids to hunt. They really got into it and loved it. I also threw in a ‘golden’ egg treasure hunt in our house that turned out a lot better than I thought. Inside they found some money and ring pops!! Landon was excited to take his ‘bunny’ money to Walmart and get a prize!

We missed out on several Easter egg hunts due to being out of town and then Landon got the stomach bug that carried over onto Easter Sunday. I was sad to miss church (I stayed home with him while Lance and Kennedy went) and if I had known that Landon was going to miss church, I wouldn’t have stressed so much on what he was going to wear!

Kids digging through their Easter goodies

Finding the golden egg
taking a break from finding easter eggs

Kennedy taking off to find her eggs

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Beach Babies

Our little last minute trip to the beach this past week was wonderful!! I have to admit that I was a little nervous to see how the kids would react to the sand and water. Thank goodness they loved it because we will be making so many more trips down there!!! I had a really good friend of mine join us with her two sweet babies and it was wonderful company. I couldn't imagine it going any better. The mornings were pretty windy to be out on the beach, so we did some shopping one morning and took a trip to the zoo the other morning until it warmed up. The sun was out every day but the wind made it just a tad too chilly to venture out there until after lunch.

Lance was able to come down for one full day at the beach and the kids loved the surprise of seeing him. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to get off of work to come down and I am so glad he could!

I went a little crazy with taking pictures this trip...maybe it's because all four kids were great subjects and the beach was too pretty. I had a hard time narrowing down the 200 shots to put on the blog, so here goes. There are also more pictures on facebook as well!

Landon and Jake playing in the castle that someone else built!!

The boys looking at a 15 alligator at the zoo

We decided to have an Easter egg hunt in the condo and here is Jake snaggin one up!

this poor castle didn't last was a fight to see who knocks it down first!

the boys...

and the girls....

this is one of my favs...its from the first night when we got there. He doesn't even have a swim suit on and jumped right on in!