Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy November! Oh wait, it's December...oh well!

What a fun November we had!! I wasn't in the mood to blog much this month, but it doesn't mean we didn't dance right through the month! ;)

Both Kennedy and Landon have been into Toy Story 3 this month and they have been fun to watch with all the leaps from couch to chair shouting "To infinity and beyond!" I just love their creativity and listening in on their playtimes. It's also making it fun and easy to pick out christmas gifts this year, not that it was ever hard!! ;) Now, shopping for lance, that's a different story!

I have had to take both kids to our fantastic ENT doctor here in town, Dr. Neal, several times this month and we are scheduled to have tubes put in both Kennedy and Landon's ears this Thursday. I am so glad since BOTH (but more with Landon) of their hearing has had elevated hearing loss and it makes it extremely hard to communicate. Both have a lot of fluid behind the ear drums and Landon will also have a sinus cleaning out after the xrays came back with congestion in his sinus cavities. Landon's hearing has been bad since early September and Kennedy has had ear infections and PLENTY of snot since last March. So this is a long time coming and I am glad, yet worried at the same time. It always makes me nervous when little ones go under, but I know they are in great hands.

On some brighter notes (sort of! ha!)...my 35th birthday came and went. Lance took me on a fun weekend in Dallas while my parents kept the kids. Lance and I got to go to a Mavs game, did some shopping, got some pampering, and went to the Cowboys game. Glad to witness the struggling Cowboys win their first home game this season. And we were with great company!

Holly, Nancy, and Shelley were some of the sweet girls to join us at the Cowboy stadium
Birthday dinner with my brother, sister in law, cousin and aunts!
Lance and I at the Mavericks game, just 6 rows behind the visitors bench! It was fun sitting with some of the Chicago Bulls assistant coaches who were not allowed on the bench.

Then came Thanksgiving. I got to go to Landon's school and have a Thanksgiving feast with his class. And it was cute seeing all the kids dressed up. Landon's class made their own 'indian' outfit and his indian name was the "bear hunter".

The kids and I had a blast during their school break and it flew by. On Thanksgiving day we started out with lunch at Squire Creek with Lance's parents and then we drove to Bossier to be with my parents along with my brothers and other relatives. We watched the Saints/Cowboys game and headed back to Ruston. The kids were pooped and so were we! But it was a great day with family and it makes me so thankful for the people I have in my life. I am so blessed!!!

And here are just a couple of shots that i took earlier in the month.... have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Happenings

This Monday morning, I have a Halloween hangover!! ha! It's been an eventful halloween week and it is so nice to be home this morning to recover and regroup. I think the kids need it too! It started off on Thursday when the kids had their pumpkin parties at school. It was an easy morning to get the kids dressed since they got to wear their costumes. Getting them into the car was a different story because I couldn't find Landon's cape to his Robin costume. Oh well!

kids walking into their class pumpkin parties

Friday afternoon, I dressed the kids up to head downtown for the trick or treating there. The weather was perfect and thankfully we got a great parking spot and it was an easy adventure. Kennedy got scared at several 'scary' costumes, but other than that, she caught onto the trick or treating pretty quick.
getting ready trick or treat downtown

My mom came over on Saturday morning to play in a tennis tournament with me and we did great! We won our division and saw some good tennis. Lance kept the kids all morning and I am not sure who had more fun! As soon as we got home, we got dressed as quickly as we could to head over to a halloween party that we were invited to at the Hunt's house. It was such a great layout and an awesome group. They had a large alligator jumpy that was the biggest thing I have ever seen! The kids were having a ball! Then there were shifts on the hay ride to go trick or treating throughout the neighborhood. Kennedy didn't participate so we made another loop on foot with the entire family so me, lance and my mom could join in together to watch the kids trick or treat. By far my favorite thing this halloween since the kids LOVED it! Also, having the Matt Tyler family join us made it special and fun!

Saturday night, halloween party:

Trick or treating

After trick or treating, it was time to head home to put the kids to bed so Lance and I can attend an adult costume party at Tiffany Baldwin's house. We went last year and had a blast and looked forward to it again this year. I, personally, was exhausted so it was a quick stay for us, but it was still fun seeing everyone all dressed up!

Green lantern and batgirl

On Sunday, I continued to play in the tennis tourney while Lance left for Dallas to attend the Cowboys football game and the Texas Rangers game. My mom watched the kids while we both got to 'play'! It was a fun Halloween and I definitely look forward to what next year will bring!