Saturday, June 19, 2010

swim, swim, and more swim!

This week we have gone swimming at least once a day, if not twice a day. The kids are loving it and it's a great way to stay cool in this VERY WARM weather! We did have a few play dates thrown in there, but of course, it involved water! One afternoon, Suzanne and her kids came over to play on the are some pics.

Landry and kennedy playing in the sandbox

The Tyler kids with Landon and kennedy (we had to bribe them for a group shot!)

Soap Suds fight!!!

Sweet Jake
Lance left on Thursday to attend some meetings in San Francisco and then got to go to Pebble Beach for the US Open. He comes back tomorrow, but unfortunately, the kids and I will be in Shreveport for an entire week. I am conducting a basketball camp at St Marks and my parents are going to help with the kids. I hate that we won't get a chance to see Lance on Father's Day! :(

This morning, I took the kids to pick blueberries and Landon LOVED it! Kennedy, not so much. I am not sure if she was feeling too great and all she wanted is for me to hold her. After that we hit the Ruston Farmers market in search for some peaches. I have been trying to get over to Mitcham's peach orchard all week but never made it. I just hope they have some after next weekend's peach festival!

Kennedy picking blueberries

Landon was so proud of all the blueberries he picked!

And here is a short video of Kennedy jumping off the diving board this morning

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The Tylers said...

Thanks for posting the pics!! Hope you have a great week at camp. I'll be thinking of you!