Friday, August 13, 2010

A sweet reunion

In between the last month, I was able to meet up with a sweet dear friend of mine, Shannon Russell. She and her family are now at the university of tennesse where Eric is coaching football. Her parents have a lake house in Texas so the kids and I drove over for a day to visit with them and let our boys have a sweet reunion!! I was also able to meet the new addition of the family, sweet little girl, Hadleigh. It made me miss my dear friend!!!

Here are some pictures from that reunion. The boys had a ball playing outside, having a sprinkler party and going on an adventure!

Hayden tearing into his birthday present

even sweaty boys can share a hug and a kiss!
Sweet hadleigh (the Hayden look a like!!!)

Please don't be mad, Shannon, that i posted this one!! ;)
dirty boys!!

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