Wednesday, April 13, 2011

First beach trip of 2011

I looked at the weather forecast for Orange Beach and it was calling my name!! With the weather warming up and seeing everyone's spring break beach pictures, it really made me miss the beach. I really didn't want to take the kids down by myself so I looked into flying my 15 year old cousin, Caitlin, in from Dallas to join us. Since she is being home schooled, she was able to come and was super excited about seeing the Gulf Coast for the very first time. I just picked her up from the monroe airport on our way out to the beach. I think my kids were extremely excited about seeing her since we haven't seen her in a couple of months. And Kennedy LOVES some Caitlin!

We left last Thursday knowing that Lance will join us late Saturday night and having no idea when we will return home. Having Caitlin with us allows us to be flexible since she was going to stay the week with us no matter where we were. It will probably be Wednesday so we can get ready for a dinner party at our house Friday night and then to Dallas on Saturday for the Kenny Chesney concert and to take Caitlin home.

The first three days at the beach there was fog ALL DAY LONG! It was really weird and I had never seen anything like it. But it was still plenty warm (actually looking back at it, it made it so more pleasant!) and didn't keep anyone from playing on the beach. You may be able to see it on one of the pictures.

I was glad the kids picked up where they left off last Fall with their swimming. They were great. The water was too cold at the outdoor pool, but we were able to spend some time in the indoor pool. I can tell they have both grown a lot and Landon seems stronger. Kennedy loved to finally be able to touch the bottom.

Looking at the calendar this month, we may be spending more time at the beach this month than at home. We come back again next week for Easter weekend with my parents for a really long weekend. It should be fun egg hunting in the sand and condo! And then the following week it will be my annual girls trip to the beach in the Seaside area (i am hoping i can stay down here while everyone goes back and then i meet up with my girls!!).

here are a few candid shots of the week!

kennedy wanted to get buried over and over!

Landon admiring this man's pet snake. L had no fear and K didn't want to get near it!

landon explaining what pets he wants but him mom won't let him. This man was so nice to listen to him ramble on!

You can really see the fog in this picture of landon

just a shot that i took right before we left the house


The Tylers said...

Ok. I am more than a little jealous!! But glad y'all are having fun! Miss you!

Hannah Lee said...

Can you please pack me next? Looks like yall are living it up! We have our trip planned and we are coming in mid-August! Maybe we will get to see you then.