Monday, December 26, 2011

Pre Christmas Celebrations

The week before Christmas, the kids were out of school and it was filled with several activities to keep the kids active and involved. I loved this week!!! We did several crafts, had our annual christmas craft play date, experienced roller skating for the first time, baked cookies (several times) and had our Christmas choir program at church. Having the advent calendar this year really made it fun because of the anticipation and activities. I loaded the activities up for this week because i knew we would need them.

Landon had his Christmas program at school and he was one of the three wise men.

Here are the boys in Landon's choir group. I was able to snap a shot of them before they got on stage and then my camera died. I did get it on video at least!

Making Christmas cookies. Landon had already bolted outside before i got the camera out!

Making apple snowmen at our christmas play date.

We later went over to Mandy's house for a wilderness hike to see what we could find.... Here is Kennedy shooting some deer

and here are the deer...cute, aren't they?!?

After we went inside, we got the grand tour of Mandy's new house. I love it! Landon said as we drove up, "Wow! they live in the woods!!" But unfortunately, while the mamas were looking around, my friend's little girl, Landry Grace, feel and cut her head pretty good. Poor thing had to go get stitches. :(

Now we are getting ready for santa to arrive! Here is a gift that i am proud of making... what would i do without pinterest in my life?!?!

Merry Christmas to all my bloggin peeps!!

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