Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day weekend

First of all, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the fabulous mothers! I hope everyone was appreciated on this weekend for all of the hard work that goes into being a mother/parent. I am just grateful that I have a great role model in my mom and I am able to give her a big hug on Mother's day. Although, my heart goes out to her because this will be the first Mother's day she will have without her mother. I can't imagine my life without my mom so I know how much she misses my Nonnie!

This weekend, my parents gladly watched our two angels while Lance and I joined some out of town friends on a weekend getaway. We went to Philadelphia, MS to the Dancing Rabbit golf course and casino. The other two couples there were Steven and Lianne Rice (Little Rock) and Jay and Loraleigh Phillips (Jackson). The guys played golf all day Saturday while the girls relaxed by the pool and spa. It was a very peaceful weekend, although we all stayed up too late Saturday night playing poker so our trip back home was a little long (although worth it because I was able to bring some lots of money!!). Lance and I were both in bed by 9 pm last night because we were so tired! We missed the kids and I know my parents were so glad to see us when we picked them up yesterday!!!

I don't have any pics from our trip but I do have some pics that my mom sent to me while the kids were enjoying spending time at Caddo Lake. My mom does a great job of sending me pics while I am away from the kids and I love it! Both Landon and Kennedy conquered two milestones this weekend: Landon caught his first fish (he officially has caught more than his daddy!!) and Kennedy cut her first tooth!

Two weekends in a row without! I think I have used up all of my grandparent points for the entire summer!! Oh well, it was worth it!

Landon with his first little fish
Riding on the houseboat

Playing in a big 'water puddle'. The lake was really high, so this is actually in their backyard

My little Caddo Cutie

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The Tylers said...

SO glad you had a great weekend! Only 2 more weeks until we are out:)