Saturday, August 8, 2009

Could this BE any more fun???

Being a mom has it's ups, downs, sideways, backwards, and inside outs, BUT what a ride it is!!! Landon's stage that he is in right now is enlightening, funny, exhausting, and sincere. I just love it! There is something new every day. And, Kennedy, is in another one of my favorite stages. She crawls a lot, but really enjoys staying in one spot when she plays and in the pool (yay) and she interacts more with Landon. I just love hearing them entertain themselves in the playroom! Kennedy's latest thing is dancing (too adorable), she has eight teeth, loves to watch things fall, and saying thank you (sort of).

With all that being said, a week ago, they drove me bonkers when we had a week straight of rain and it was hard to get outside and play. But since the rain has stopped, we have been outside swimming or on our slide everyday. This leads to a worn out group...including mommy!

Ok, before I share some pictures, I just want to give a shout out to Suzanne Tyler, who frequents my blog often and keeps me motivated to update mine consistently (without her knowing). Anyway, she has had a crazy past month (and summer for that matter) with her two little ones (2 1/2 yr old and 19 month old), running a hundred miles a week (ok, not really, but A LOT!), moving houses, going on vacations, having trunk show parties, ER visits, and remodeling. And she still keeps a smile on her face, keeps in awesome contact with people, and just LIVES life! Love her!

Here are some pictures over the past several weeks... these first two our on my parents houseboat when my nieces from Michigan were in town.

Below, we found a bird's nest in our garage with eggs in them!

Alec, Michael, and LandonHere is a video of Kennedy dancing with her cousins

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