Friday, July 24, 2009

Firestations, picnics, and more!

This past week has been pretty much uneventful and I can't complain. Lots of play dates, playing in the rain, and enjoying this cooler weather. Last Friday, I took the kids to the fire station with a group of moms. Thank goodness it wasn't extremely hot. They showed some videos and then started up the smoke machine to 'practice' crawling out of a house. When the smoke started up, Landon freaked out!! I guess he thought it was really a fire. Kennedy tried to be a trooper but got a little cranky since it was her nap time.
Landon and his buddy, Jake Tyler

Lance and I took the kids to the Squire Creek pool for the first time all summer and we all had a blast! Landon is swimming great now with floaties and wants to go swimming everyday. I really didn't want to take the kids there because there isn't a baby pool and I was worried about having to hold Kennedy the entire time, but she would just sit on the steps and splash her little heart away. I just wish we would have been going there all along!

We also had a picnic at Lincoln Parrish Park and Landon loved the beach there. The weather was perfect and no one was there.

Here are some pictures of the kids playing this week.
Neighborhood boys, Cullen, Landon and Henry

Peek a boo!

This weekend we plan on going to Shreveport to visit with my parents and my older brother. They are in town with his girls and I am looking forward to spending some time with them!

And here is a quick video of Landon swimming. It's quite boring, but I still wanted to document it!

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