Monday, November 9, 2009

Confession Time

I have to say that I consider myself as a good mom, but today, I was officially a rotten, lazy mommy! I need to make my confession and get over it.

good mommy moment: I took the kids to the library this morning

bad mommy moment: allowed Landon to watch tv the entire time Kennedy took her nap. I refused to fight Landon on his nap so he had "quiet time" and I can tell you that Kennedy took a record long nap today! Not to mention, he continued to watch tv even after she woke up!

bad mommy: food today consisted of nuggets, halloween candy, brownies and pizza

good mommy: there was some fruit involved and L ate all of his carrots before he even touched his pizza (which he only had two bites of pizza)...maybe a sign that he knew he had too much junk food

good mommy: outside play for about an hour (with no bug spray and they got ate up)

bad mommy: L is presently watching more tv while i finish my dinner and post this blog. And I probably wont give him a bath tonight and REALLY hope that he just falls asleep while watching tv so I don't have to fight him on his bedtime routine! But he has never done that, so I doubt THAT happens!

At least he will go to bed early and maybe I can catch up on my shows until Lance returns home later this evening!!!

Thank you for letting me vent and I am sure there will be more 'confessions' all my journey of motherhood!!! ;)


Kat @ measuring my life in l-o-v-e said...

I'm sure it felt good to get that out. When hubby gets home after dinner I go through the high's and low's of the days, my own good/bad mommy moments. Lols. It helps.

The Tylers said...

We all have those moments Katie. Seriously! Jake Tyler is a TV watching king in the morning time and sadly enough I never worry about it. As for food, I would do a back flip if Jake ate carrots!! Good for you. We are NOT perfect as parents but the good you are doing defifinitely outweights the not so good!! You are a GREAT mom. I admire you for your laidback approach to everything and your ability to teach "hands-on" things at any given moment. Don't be too hard on yourself!

Amy Mac said...

The TV part pretty much described our day yesterday :) I found myself saying, "Sure Jake, you can watch that one more time" and I think I said that several times! I think the library and the carrots outweigh the TV watching--you're a great mom!

Hannah Lee said...

Shut your mouth, Katie Hall. You are a fabulous Mom and we all are guilty of moments where we are just too tired to handle day-to-day activities. It is okay. I just love you to pieces and so does your family...and you know why? Because you are a fabulous wife and mother. End of story. Period.

Mark and Destin Brannon said...

Some days you gotta do whatcha gotta do! I'm of the opinion that most kids are pretty resilient and it is really difficult to do any serious damage. At least, I hope that's the case for my Nash or we're up a creek!