Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mother's day week

I am currently posting while on my 3rd annual Mother's Day weekend trip to the beach with some girlfriends of mine in Ruston. It is just now sinking in that I am without kids and will be able to sleep in the next few mornings.....REALLY excited about that!! The only downer is that I had to miss Landon's choir production at church tonight, but I was promised lots of pictures and videos!!! I know he will have plenty more productions ahead of him. I talked with him afterwards and it didn't phase him that I wasn't there! I am sad and happy about that!!

This past weekend, Lance pulled out our waterslide and we were able to kick off summer! It was a great weekend for it. We were also able to spend some time with my sister in law while she came in town for her baby shower. Baby Futrell will be making his grand appearance toward the end of july!! I can't wait!

I never really appreciated all of the hard work that my mom put in with raising me and my brothers until I was a mom myself. I am so blessed to have a mother that is my best friend and loves to spend time with our family. My goal in life is to be half the mother she is! I love her and I want to wish her and all of the incredible moms out there a very blessed Mother's Day!! I am so glad we have a day to honor such courageous women!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

(and, of course, i can't post without putting pictures up!!! ;) )

Ava, Landry Grace, Kennedy, Jake, Caroline, and Landon

Kennedy taking a break from swimming and eating cheetos to love on our neighbors dog!

My lil man getting so big!

Kennedy was a big hit at Aunt Leslea's baby shower!! I was really impressed how good she was

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The Tylers said...

I hope you are having a BLAST at the beach!!! The picture of you and Kennedy is a framer:).