Friday, July 2, 2010

Peach parade and more

Last weekend we enjoyed going to the Peach Festival parade and survived the summer heat. The kids had a blast seeing their friends, catching candy, and watching the parade. Both filled their bags up with candy and believe it or not, a week has gone by and neither one of them have asked for it since!!! I can't believe it!

K and her buddy Anna cooling off after the parade in the AXO house

Here comes the parade!!

Had a nice firm grip on the loot!

I finally got a two wheel bike for Landon to ride and last night we busted it out! I have to say that I am quite proud of my little man riding without training wheels. I know a few months ago that i posted a video of him riding, but this is the first time he has done it since then (bad momma for not getting him one sooner!)

We have really taken it easy this week. We have had a slight break from the 100 degree heat and have been able to play outside without a swimming pool! Every morning this week, the kids have been taking swimming lessons. But the afternoons were spent at the house and not going every where.

Kennedy cried the entire 30 minutes the first morning because she wanted me to be in the water with her. So, the next four days I decided to leave in my car and not watch and that helped a ton!

By day two, Landon was jumping off the diving board and swim to the ladder. He has conquered his fear of deep water and realized he swim over it. It was good week for him and worth it. Especially learning to float on his back.

Kennedy can hold her breath for a long time and it still amazes me. She has learned to kick herself up to the surface of the water, but can't get her head above water. She didn't have much success with floating on her back, but at least she listened and tried! Here is a video of her going off the diving board and swimming, sort of. ;)

We leave this afternoon for our annual trip to Lake Greeson in Arkansas. Would should be there for about a week. Let's hope the weather isn't too hot for camping!!

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The Tylers said...

Love the blog posts! I am SO proud of the kiddos and their swimming abilities:). Hope y'all have a great time camping and can't wait to hear about it!