Friday, July 16, 2010

50th Lake Greeson trip

Ok, so it's not MY 50th anniversary for going camping at Lake Greeson, but it's my family's (mom's side of the family). My grandparents started taking their kids to this beautiful lake and I love it! But it's definitely different since having kids of my own....a lot more work!! At least we we were able to stay in my parents RV with air conditioning, a shower, and a bathroom.

Lance was able to stay for about 4 days and got to see the fireworks from our houseboat. The kids and I stayed an additional 6 days for a grand total of 10 days camping with a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old!! And not to mention that Kennedy had an ear infection the entire time so sleeping with her every night was not fun! I am just glad the weather was very pleasant and I was able to spend some quality time with my family. I was even able to get some rounds of skiing in! It seems like every summer I am either pregnant or nursing a baby (too tired to do anything).

The highlights of our trip were the fireworks on the 4th, campfire talent show, swimming, jumping off rocks, and tubing/skiing. Also, Kennedy learned to say my dad's name "Papa Penny" (papa Kenny) and it was too cute. Her vocabulary has really gone to a different level these past two weeks. Landon was in heaven with all the rocks to throw in the water and playing with all of his cousins.

Here are some pics!

Kennedy with her first pigtails

So glad they both love the water and tubing!

enjoying a gorgeous sunset!

This was the first time that both my brothers and their 'significants' and kids were all here at one time!! It seems like someone is missing every year or not there at the same time

waiting for the fireworks

My dad and Landon on their 3rd annual bike adventure

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Mark and Destin Brannon said...

Katie, you are such a trooper - 10 days, phew! Let us know next time ya'll go camping in Arkansas - we'd love to get the cuz's together again!