Friday, September 17, 2010

Super busy with my super heros!

Ok, for those who don't know, my lil man, Landon, is completely obsessed with super heros right now. To be precise, it's Batman and Superman. So, I have been trying to get his new big boy bed/room done and plan a super hero birthday party for the 25th. A few months ago, I ordered Landon some new bedding and move him to a big boy bed. At the time, he was really into pirates and he helped me pick out his pirate bedding. Boy, should I have waited!! As his new stuff is coming in, he makes the transition to super heros. So...back went the pirate theme and in comes the 'batman' theme. But this time around, we are going with a neutral quilt that i hope can last through the next transition. (ok, I admit, i think I might have loved the pirate as much as he did!!!).

We are now two weeks into school being back in and I am glad to finally catch my breath. I have packed in so much these past two weeks that I have been putting off because I needed the kids in school for me to take care of. Now, I feel a little caught up, but I still have lots to do before the kids birthday party on Sept 25th. All my free time that I have been getting, has been spent on finding party ideas on the internet. And I have loved every minute of it!

Anyway, we are throwing a combined birthday party for Landon and Kennedy next Saturday. We are having it at our house and I will just hope it doesn't rain! I checked the extended forcast yesterday and it looks good! Whew! I think I have enjoyed planning it waaaay too much. Lance thinks I am crazy, but what else am I to do!?!

I have also gotten back into a routine of exercising and playing tennis. I definitely have caught the tennis bug. I just need to keep practicing so i can beat Lance!! I did finally beat him, but it's no where near an even score.

Well, here are some pictures over the past couple of weeks....we got to meet our new nephew (Lance's sister, Leslea) last weekend and it's hard to believe how big he is after being born 10 weeks early. He is doing great and getting chunky!!

Quick photo before church...

First day of school

Landon holding his cousin, Hudson, and telling me to hush!
Hall grandparents and grandkids
Landon's every day outfit....i might need to get another so i can have one for halloween! ;)

Kennedy's birthday

helping with her birthday cake

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The Tylers said...

I am SO sorry I missed wishing sweet Kennedy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You're babies are absolutely darling!! And I know the party will be a blast!