Monday, October 18, 2010

Beach trip in October

I have never been to the beach during the Fall and I have to say it is amazing! Lance and I came down the first weekend of October and it was so nice that I had to come back again with the kids. Sloane (our babysitter) and I packed the kids up and we headed out Friday morning (Lance had to be in Dallas on Sunday, so he didn't make the trip).

Our original plans were to come back on Monday so Sloane could be in class on Tuesday, but she made a few calls and we decided to enjoy another day out here in this awesome weather! Even though it is the off season, there was still plenty to do. There was the a week long boat racing event that took place in Orange Beach and then there were two free concerts of Bon Jovi and Brad Paisley. We thought about taking the kids to the Brad Paisley show, but decided not to fight 30,000 people at the Hangout in Gulf Shores. Instead, we spent more time on the beach than we ever have. Usually the kids want to be at the pool, but not this trip. There were no waves and the water was shallow so we spent a lot of time splashing in the water and playing "crab grab".

Sunday, we went to Romar Beach Baptist Church right on the beach, which I had been wanting to visit all summer. Afterwards, we went to the park and then to Northshore for Sunday brunch and to listen to a 4 man gospel band. We spent the rest of the day on the beach and then stayed in and ordered pizza. Monday was a long morning at the beach and a trip to the outlet shops after naps.

I don't know what are plans are in November, but if the weather is nice, I definitely want to come back again! So, i hope this isn't our last trip of the year to our condo in Orange Beach!

Landon making sand angels
I love this shot because it shows how beautiful these beaches are!

Burying Landon in the sand

Kennedy's first time to be buried and she wanted to do this over and over!

Playtime at the park after church


matt said...

What wonderful memories you are making, Katie!!! Loved reading that post. See you soon!!!

matt said...

This is Suzanne!!