Monday, October 25, 2010

Meet Terry, our pet Tarantula!

Well, it was an eventful weekend to say the least. Mid-week I noticed a smell in our garage closet that smelled like something died. I was thinking it was a mouse, maybe (or hopefully). I kept trying to air it out, but the smell kept getting worse. Anyway, Friday night, I opened the doors again and that's when I noticed a new creature hanging out on Landon's golf clubs. A black tarantula. I got Lance out of bed to help me get rid of it. After lots of jumping and screaming, we eventually captured it and placed him in Landon's frog habitat.

So, the next morning, I loaded up the kids to head out to Lander Smith's birthday party and I wanted to open the doors again to our garage closet, this time it was the double doors that lead outside. And this is when I found the source of the smell. Underneath the red wagon, I saw our neighbor's cat. :( So sad!! He was a sweet cat and I enjoyed watching him and Landon 'grow up' together. My first thought was that the tarantula got him, but after some research, I learned that these spiders are not that mean and their bites are similar to a bee sting...and definitely not strong enough to kill a grown cat. Our neighbors had been looking for him for a few days and I felt awful that he was in our garage. They said he hadn't been acting himself so they weren't sure if he was sick or not. I just hope it wasn't because he gotten locked up inside our closet (which is big, but we were out of town last weekend...but I can't remember if I shut the doors or not). Anyway, rest in peace sweet Patio. :( And here is picture from last year of landon and Patio:

On a lighter note, the kids had a wonderful weekend filled with two birthday parties and Squire creek's halloween kids' club. Landon LOVED kids club. He got to wear his Robin costume for most of the day, but that's just about everyday anyway! ;)

L and Alec at Georgia's party
Super heroes, Kennedy, Lilly, and Landon
Miles and Landon
Mr Jeff's yummy cotton candy

Cullen, Landon, and Kennedy at Lander's birthday party

Landon playing "dead" after being shot at the party

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