Sunday, October 23, 2011

We're Baaack!

Yes, i am alive and yes it's great to be back! I have lots to report but I will make this the short! You know i love my lists that eliminate me having to write!! ;)

1. first and foremost, we are all happy, healthy and alive!

2. Right after my last blog (mid sept), I poured water on my laptop and had to replace it. :( I finally got the new one 5 days ago and I finally feel like I am back among the living! ;) I sure missed it and missed not keeping up with everyone and vice versa.

3. The kids' mermaid and pirate party was a huge blast and the weather was perfect (whew)

4. Landon turned 5 on Sept 27th. He got a battery operated four wheeler that has been a huge hit (via my parents, lance's parents and us). I'm too lazy to download pics from my phone. ;)

5. Kennedy started dance and she absolutely loves it. Landon is doing swim team and art

6. We adopted two stray dogs that showed up at our house while i was on my chicago trip. We have named them Gumbo and Brownie. Brownie is the puppy below and they have been super sweet (except they love to bark at night). grrrr! But I have learned it's because they are super protective and territorial so I guess that makes it ok. At least it keeps away the big dogs and deer that love to roam our neighborhood.

7. Kennedy now has to wear glasses the next four months in hopes that it strengthens her left eye. It's been an adjustment, but definitely more for me and lance. I am glad she doesn't fight me on wearing them. I did not notice anything to make me get her tested. She failed a stigma test the past two years at her MDO school. I am so glad i took her in and catch this early! I have pics on my phone, but here is the only one I have from my camera

8. They are going to be Mario and princess peach for halloween (as seen above)

9. The kids started preK 3 and 4 this year at Temple and they love their teachers: Landon has Mrs Teresa Mann (awesome!) and Kennedy has the same teacher L had last year, Brooke Martin.

10. Lance is currently in dallas watching the cowboys this afternoon and then the rangers tonight. He is a little kid in a candy store right now! At least I get to watch it on tv while i catch up on blogs!

11. i got the new iPhone 4S and it's amazing!!!!!

12. We took a quick trip to the beach for the long Columbus Day weekend before it got too cold. The water was still cold, but we had a great time! No pics from that trip! Bad mama!

13. I have been an organizing FOOL! I totally got motivated from a blog i found on pinterest (my other obsession). It's iheartorganizing and definitely worth checking out here.

14. And finally, on a sad note, we lost my uncle Bill last night to his battle of brain cancer. He was diagnosed this past January and it was pretty aggressive. I feel bad that i haven't blogged about this or asked for any prayer support through our church. I am not always comfortable sharing and asking for support on things such as this. This the husband of my mom's oldest sister, Donna. They live in Tucson, but the funeral will be in Shreveport this week. They are such a wonderful family and strong christians. He will be missed but we all know he is in great hands now.

That about wraps up our last month and a half. Hopefully i can keep up now! ;)


SND said...

I am so sorry to hear about Bill. Hate that I will be out of town for the funeral. Blessings to the family.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry about your uncle! We'll be praying for your family for sure! Also, I love the birthday pictures! you are SO creative and Landon and Kennedy just get cuter and cuter :)