Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween week...

This past Halloween weekend was a whirlwind and I am still paying the price! Friday night I was able to catch up with lots of my relatives in town for the visitation and funeral for my Uncle Bill. Even though he lived in Tucson for the past 20 years, he was laid to rest in Shreveport next to his parents. This also made it easy for most of our family to get together and celebrate what a wonderful, Christian man my uncle Bill was. He will be missed.

Saturday morning, landon and I got up early to head back to Shreveport for his first swim team race and he loved it! They did warm ups for about 40 minutes and when that was over, he came over to me and to ask if the race was over and to see if he won! ;)

He competed in three events: 25 freestyle, 25 butterfly and the 25 back stroke. I was most impressed with his backstroke and was proud that he stayed on his back the entire way! Who knows how long he will want to swim, but for now, it is a lot of fun and great exercise! Here is a picture of him and his buddy, Jake, before the race.
Here is a video of his backstroke:

Then we met back up with the rest of our family to spend time with all the cousins for the remainder of the day. The kids were excited about seeing all of them and spending the night with KK and Papa Kenny. I can't believe I didn't get one picture of all the relatives that were in town! :(

Monday was Halloween and the kids were geared up to go trick or treating. Kennedy wanted to be Tinkerbell for ballet class and stayed in that for the rest of the day (she had been Princess Peach for all other halloween festivities). We joined a group of friends who lived in Wedgewood subdivision and it was a CRAZY and WILD place for trick or treating. There were so many people and I can only imagine how much candy these houses went through. But I was so proud of our kids for listening and having a great time. Thank goodness they didn't get too much candy! ;)

This was taken before school
Before trick or treating

here is a picture of kennedy wearing Landon's mustache (she had been begging for one every time he wore his costume). She loved it! She also got some strange looks that I enjoyed getting a kick out of!

So, it's November! wow! The leaves are starting to turn and it's gorgeous! I do love this time of year! Happy Fall!

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