Friday, November 14, 2008

I miss college coaching...maybe...nah!

Ok, I originally started this blog to be all about my family and keeping everyone posted on what's going on in 'our' world, but this post is going to be all about ME!

Yesterday, I had my first basketball lesson since having baby Kennedy who is almost 2 months old. I arrive at the gym to await my new client who is driving in from Shreveport. I go to the back gym to peek through the window and I see that the Lady Techsters are practicing (with the doors closed). I continued to watch and memories of my college coaching days race through my mind. My thoughts were, "Ok, yeah, I miss it a little." Then I see Teresa Weatherspoon (assistant coach) get into action and start clapping and getting all in the players 'grill' to pump them up. I suddenly feel the tears start tingling in my eyes!

My thoughts are, "What? Why do I feel like crying?!? I love my life right now! I don't miss dealing with those crazy 18-21 yr olds!" Then it hit me. Weatherspoon has always been one of my biggest heroes growing up. She is ONLY one of the BEST point guards to ever play! And she has the biggest heart of any person I have ever come across when it comes to basketball.

I could feel her passion through the double doors and it's the same passion that I have for basketball and for the Lady Techster program. It's just been a little tainted over the past few years. What a joy it would have been to have the opportunity to work with her.

Moments later, I began my lesson and remembered very quickly how much I love doing private lessons. It is so rewarding! Plus I have a flexible schedule and I still get to coach the great game of basketball.

So, even as I am rocking Kennedy to sleep at 4:00 am this morning for an hour straight (for the second time), covered in spit up, then having to go calm Landon back to sleep, and get up again two and half hours later, I STILL would rather be doing what I am now than traveling 4 days out of the week and putting up with spoiled 20 year olds!!! Like my mom texted to me just three nights ago, I have the best job in the world!! I wouldn't want it any other way!

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The Gilbert Family's Great Adventures said...

Amen, Sister and you didn't even tell ALL the bad stuff, but I know it!! You absolutely have the best, hardest, most thankless job in the world but by far the most rewarding ever!