Sunday, November 30, 2008

Anyone for instant stress??

Ok, I was trying to take some pictures of the kids this past weekend to make a Christmas photo card. YES, I think I am a professional photographer with this new camera and, YES, I am just now trying to get these done. Since I heard that Heritage Portraits weren't doing their Santa pics this year, I had to scramble to get my pictures done to get the cards sent out.

Well, if anyone is curious to see how much fun it is to try to get a two year old to hold a two month old, sit still, smile at the camera, not pinch he sister's face, have his hair look halfway decent, and wipe up the spit up off of both of them....NOT FUN at all!!!! Just ask my mom, Aunt jennifer, and Lance! I turned into an instant stressed out bear!!! I immediately start sweating trying to get the camera turned on, focused, pick up Kennedy after being shoved by Landon, and keep them from crying. As I am frantically trying to snap as many pictures as possible, I am snapping at my helpers too. I felt awful afterwards. Anyway, here are some of the ones that WON'T make the cards. I am going to attempt one more session in the morning before throwing in the towel!


The Tylers said...

Sherry Owens did a GREAT job with ours, but sometimes our own expectations are too high. I have been there! A year later we have some good but not great shots of the kids together. Goodluck!!!

Shelley (Cole) Parker said...

Really funny Katie! Love your new blog-I put it on my blog roll if that is ok?

doodyheadmiller said...

omg! I can't help but laugh so much! those pictures are priceless. one of those would make my christmas card. LOL