Friday, November 21, 2008

Just another birthday!! ;)

Today is my 33rd birthday!! I think it's going to be a great year simply because it's the 33rd year and the same number as Larry Bird!!! LOL! I know... I can be a basketball geek sometimes! ;)

It's been a great week and it really doesn't even seem like my birthday. Last weekend was a lot of fun because my parents came to stay with us to go to the Tech football game (for mom) and duck hunting (for dad)! Landon was in hog heaven having them around and really enjoyed going to the game with them, even though i was a bad mommy and didn't prepare for the cold weather. As you can see in the picture, Landon had to borrow Buzz's wrap to keep him warm at the game. And for the record, MY MOM WAS RIGHT AND I WAS WRONG!! There I said it. She said that it was going to be freezing at the game and I didn't believe her. Thank goodness I have learned that she is almost always right and listened to her (unwillingly!!). I guess I can be wrong sometimes!! ;)

And can I say how spoiled I am??? My dearest husband got me the best birthday gift!! I have been wanting to get a really nice SLR camera because my point and shoot camera has been driving me crazy. I love pictures and it drove me nuts when I would miss great shots of the kids because it was so slow!! So, my precious hubby spoiled me by getting me one when I thought it was going to be a Christmas present!! I am trying to convince him that it will be my Christmas gift too since we have spent so much money lately on the house. I hope he honors that request but something tells me he is too stubborn to listen to me.

Well, I am about to take on a HUGE adventure!! Tomorrow morning, I am taking both kids to Shreveport and meeting mom to drive to Dallas for the weekend! My first road trip with the kids!!! Yikes!!! Lance is going to stay home and go to the duck camp and hang out. I just hope it won't be miserable traveling with both of them. I am sure they will be great. Besides, it will make it all worth it when we see my brother, Klint, and his family!! I can't wait to see them!

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