Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Whirlwind

Like everyone else, I am sure your Christmas came and went just as fast as ours did. It was a lot of hustling and bustling, but I wouldn't want it any other way. I think everyone on my mom's side of the family was holding their breath to see how difficult and different it was going to be with the first Christmas without Nonnie, my mom's mother, who passed away this past August. She was the rock of our family and had Christmas traditions that go back 50 years ago. It is sad to say, but for the first time in those 50 years, we let go of some of those traditions, but realize that change can be good. We all survived, but she was greatly remembered and honored.

We were all looking forward to watching Landon open up gifts this year. He recently got into watching Polar Express (and still asks for it) and has loved it! It is cute to see him jingle a bell and say, "I believe". Landon 'sort of' understood that Santa came to visit him and brought him presents (he still says that Santa is coming tonight). He really got into his Elf on the Shelf and enjoyed looking for him every morning. I think we are all sad to see "Stowie" go back to the north pole.

Landon wanted drums for Christmas and it was one of the first presents he opened. Therefore, he had no interest in any other presents after that!! In fact, 4 days later, he still had gifts under the tree to open. Which was kinda fun because it gave us something for him to open when it got cold and rainy outside!

Every other year, we celebrate the Cochran Fear Factor Challenge on my dad's side of the family. My cousins and their spouses compete as couples to see who will take home the 'plaque' each year. I am embarrassed to admit that Lance and I have yet to take it home!!! Ugh! But I will argue some ruling on some of those events (of course!! I can't help it, I am too competitive!). Well, this year, it involved riding a zip line over a swampy canal, shooting a bb gun, and eating whipped cream pies. I am also embarrassed to say that Lance Hall rocked in every event and if I had been a better shooter, we would have done better. I guess I will have to wait two more years to redeem myself. blah!

Here are some pictures from this years Christmas! Enjoy!

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