Monday, December 29, 2008

Lance's surprise trip

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I always have a hard time trying to figure out what to give Lance for Christmas and birthdays. He is so hard to shop for and I decided to quit wasting money on clothes that he will never wear. He has been a long time Cowboys fan, but has never been to their games or any other professional football games (and me neither!). So, I have a really good friend of mine who has season tickets and I worked out a deal to surprise Lance for an early Christmas present by kidnapping him and taking him on a weekend trip to Dallas that included going to the final football game at Texas Stadium.

I told Lance that on Friday night, we will attend my cousins birthday party, spend the night with my parents and take family portraits the next morning. And let me tell you, he was super excited about doing this!! (insert sarcastic face here!) After packing all day for four people (Kennedy went with us, while my parents will keep Landon), I finally got everything ready so when Lance got off of work, we could head out. We drove to Shreveport and it was a long drive because I was so excited, but couldn't let on to anything. Halfway through the party, I slipped him a note that said open immediately. He looked at me like I was half nuts because his first thought was that I was pregnant!! After a sigh of relief, he began to read the 'Jingle Bell-themed' poem that I wrote to him basically said to hand me his keys and that we were leaving immediately for a road trip.

We get into the car and I told him we are taking a 'shopping' trip to Dallas to pick out whatever he wants for Christmas and that we were staying at the galleria. He was really excited because he had just been to Dallas for a day earlier that week and said he wanted to go back to go shopping. When he told me this, I just laughed on the inside..."If he only knew..."

We checked into our hotel around midnight, and as we were getting ready for bed, sportscenter was on (shocker!). And it mentioned that it was the last game for the Cowboys the next night and he wished we could go to it. He looked at me and said, "You didn't get tickets, did you?" And I said, "Baby, I'm good, but I am not that good!!"

The next morning, I got up to go get coffee in the galleria and see a Cowboys store. I purchase the program for the final game and stuck the tickets inside to hand to Lance. I got back to the hotel and gave it to him and his face was priceless. At first he thought the tickets weren't real, but when he saw that what they were, he went nuts! Just imagine Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch, but with three times as much excitement!! Not only did we have tickets, but they were in a luxury suite with a VIP parking pass!!

I have to admit, I could have purchased anything I wanted at the Galleria that day because he was on cloud nine the entire day!! We had a blast shopping and it was great to get away and enjoy each other's company. Kennedy was a perfect angel and an excellent traveler!

The game was an amazing experience, even though they played so poorly. Now, all we want to do is go to a game at the new stadium! Here are some pics from our little adventure!

We walked down close to the field as the players were warming up

Getting ready to go inside game. It was cold and windy!!

My friend, Michelle, who had the box suite

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Hannah Lee said...

Katie! You sneaky girl! I wish I could have seen Lance's face! What a great gift idea! Glad you guys had such a good time!