Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Parade

With a little nudging from a friend of mine, we decided to attend the Ruston Christmas parade despite the really cold weather. I even talked Lance into coming which I KNEW he would secretly love (and he did!). I was able to take Landon to the peach festival this summer and loved watching him light up at all of the candy being thrown at him. So, I knew he would really love the Christmas parade with all of the lights, trucks, motorcycles, and, of course, Santa!

So, we all bundled up and met up with several of my friends and their kids... Lots of kids! While we waited for the parade to start, we all enjoyed watching the kids run around. I had Kennedy bundled up in her carseat, but regretted not bringing a sling and wrapping her around me to keep her more warm. She started to fuss and I knew it was time to feed her. Ugh! Poor timing. But at least my car was parked in perfect view to watch the parade go by as my husband and son gawked at all of the festivities (And I had the warmest seat in the house!)

Afterwards, all six families went to Pizza Inn. Can I say mad house?!? We got one of the back rooms to eat and be as loud as we want. I think this was Lance's first taste of being around so many sugar-rushed kids at one time and trying to get everyone fed at once. Considering, all of the kiddos were great and very entertaining!


Hannah Lee said...

Katie! How did I miss that we shared the passion of blogging! I love reading about your sweet babies! Here is our blog--
So glad to see all is well!

The Tylers said...

Cute pics!! Y'all were braver than us, but we will make the next parade(although I don't think there's another one for a while!). Love the pics!!!

Shelley (Cole) Parker said...

Hmmm, was I the nudging friend? Well, looks like you guys had a blast, especially Landon. Love the hats! I am glad Lance got to be there too. The Parkers will DEFINITELY be at the AXO lodge next year if it is cold again....see you soon!