Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Landon's lizard

Well, this post has been sitting on my draft board for over a month! I completely forgot about it! I think I was waiting to find some time to download some video of this topic, which i finally did a couple of weeks ago. So, I think these pictures are from the beginning of March.

A couple of weeks ago, Landon discovered how much he loves lizards!! He likes to find them and (eventually) pick them up. He has even tried to put them in his pockets!! Since then, we have bought a bug 'motel' to put bugs, lizards, leaves, etc in them. He loves doing this and what i love more than anything is his joy and pure laughter that comes with it.

Searching for lizards

Not quite sure if he wants to touch it...

Now, he loves it!! But then got in trouble for bringing inside the house!! ;)

Trying to put it in his pocket

Here is a video clip from playing with the lizards

He also loves to ride his 'new' bike I got at Kool Kids. I had to let him ride it all over the inside of our house since it rained so much when he first got it. Now that it's getting warmer, he rides it outside. Don't worry, we now have a helmet for him to wear! ;)

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