Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lance's birthday

Yesterday was Lance's birthday and we decided to just hang around the house with the family. It's so much easier than having to drag two kids out and fight the dinner crowds. So that means more cooking for me and I am doing better at it!! Before Landon, we enjoyed going out to dinner. After Landon, Lance would bring home dinner. And now, with Kennedy here and us living further out, I try to make dinner more so Lance can come straight home to see the family.

Anyway, last night's menu consisted all of Lance's favorites. Creamy tacos and chocolate cupcakes!! Although, I think if Lance had a choice, I would think that his new favorite meal is fried deer steak that I introduced to him about 3 weeks ago. It's always been my favorite growing up, but I just hadn't cooked it for him until now.

Here are some pictures from last night and from Landon making birthday cupcakes. Needless to say, that was all Landon wanted for dinner!! And he keeps saying that his birthday is tomorrow so we can have cupcakes again!

And here is a video from last night as well. You would think it was Landon's birthday because we put the cupcake in front of him, but he wanted to help his daddy blow out the candles!! And it also started to thunder while we were eating so I put landon's reaction to that as well!


Hannah Lee said...

Landon is so smart and too darn cute! I wish Jackson's reaction to the thunder last night would have been that cute. If he could have climbed on my head he would have. Happy Birthday Lancer!

The Tylers said...

Too sweet! Hope Lance's birthday was great! Have a great weekend.

Emery Wilkerson said...

Katie- So glad I ran across ya'lls blog!! Love seeing your kids! They are precious! Landon with the cupcakes is too funny!