Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Farewell Friends

For a number of reasons, I have not blogged in over two weeks. I did a basketball camp in Shreveport for a week, getting ready for a party at my house (which is an ordeal since I never host anything), dealing with Kennedy who is cutting 4 teeth at one time, and fighting off early bedtimes due to our extreme workout program we have going on. But I think the number one reason why I haven't blogged is because I know I have to send a BIG farewell to a very dear friend of mine and her son, who just happens to be Landon's best buddy. If you have followed any of my blog entries, then you have seen Hayden all over them. Although, it's funny that the picture below is the first picture that Shannon and I have taken together!!

Shannon and Hayden Russell are starting a new adventure in Lubbock, TX where Eric, Shannon's husband, just took a job on the Texas Tech football coaching staff. Even though we had a party to say farewell, we have both decided that it's not goodbye because we plan on meeting up half way in Dallas.

I will miss our numerous playdates, potty progress calls, eating dinner, fighting over the motorcycles, "oh yeah" dance, twisting hair while drinking, "eating" golf clubs, and most of all, our conversations. That list could go on...and so will our friendship. We will miss you dearly!

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Hannah Lee said...

I know it is so hard to say Goodbye! They were so fun to play with just the few times I got to be with them! I know both of yall will make time to see each other. Hang in there :)