Monday, June 1, 2009

Potty bootcamp and waterworld

Well, like everyone else, I think the last two weeks of May was crazy!!! Two weeks ago we started potty training Landon...cold turkey. We threw away all diapers and he has been in big boy underwear ever since (except for a car ride to my parents house). Someone gave me a 3 day potty training ebook and it has helped a ton. We had tons of accidents at first, but i have to say that it has paid off. The only thing that we are struggling with is going '#2' but I understand that will take a while. But at least we have had ZERO accidents at night and during naps.

With the potty training, I have to constantly be by his side to watch his cues. So, I had zero free time during the day to blog or surf the net. All my free time was at night and by then I had laundry and other chores to take care of.

I have to brag on Lance...we started a 90 day workout plan and we have conquered week one and it was a rough one! It's called P90x and it has taken a lot out of us...early mornings and early bedtimes. But I think we are motivated and want to keep it going! This week, I am also going to do Sharon's Bootcamp twice a week too so I will really be wiped out!! But at least the kids will be at mother's day out to give me a little break time!

Also, during this past two weeks, both kids caught a cold and Kennedy ended up with an ear infection that has gotten her up early every day (yawn). Now, I am just waiting to see if Landon gets one too.

Well, this past weekend, we had an absolute blast playing in our backyard with several different water toys. Even Lance and I got into it and just loved it. Here are some pics from this past weekend outside in the water. I hope to get to walmart this week to purchase a big water slide because I think it will be a great summer to have one so I can keep Kennedy here during her naps instead of dragging her out and missing naps.

Landon and his buddy, Hayden, who is moving away in a week!! :(

Kennedy LOVED the water!!

We got creative and put together a 'water slide'

Landon going backwards

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Hannah Lee said...

Looks like so much fun! I miss ya! Maybe I will catch up with you tomorrow!