Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer fun in Ruston

Whew! I really can't seem to find enough time during the day to catch up on our blog!! I think with these long days, we don't get inside until late and then I am just exhausted once I get the kids down!!

Let's see, the kids and I spent a week in Shreveport while I did a basketball camp a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time and Landon was in hog heaven at my parents house. Although, we are still recovering from chigger bites all over his body. But, it hasn't slowed him down yet!

Then last week, I hosted our monthly 'girls night out' party at our house and I spent most of my free time getting ready for that. I hate that i didn't take pictures!! Since it's Peach Festival time in Ruston, I played off of the peach theme and it turned out great. We had a wonderful time too!

Kennedy turned 9 months (16th), said her first word (bye bye), and cut three teeth all in about 2 days. She is also clapping now and I forgot how cute that is!!! I will have to post a video from my new iPhone!! She is interacting more with Landon and I just love it. But, she is at the stage when she wants mama around all the time...yikes! Let's hope that doesn't last long.

Landon has been enjoying his new waterslide. We keep it out for the weekends and it has been a great buy! I think we are going to get our money's worth out of it (if we haven't already). But for now, he will have to get to feeling better before he gets on it again. I took him in this morning to the doc office and poor guy has strep throat. I have never heard of kids getting strep in the summer, but I guess it happens! But give him a shot of motrin and he is as good as new!

Well, the peach festival is this weekend and I hope to do a better job of posting more. Hope everyone has a great week...

Some pics... this first one is in Shreveport at my cousins neighborhood feeding the swan

Kennedy enjoying the warm weather while brother plays on the slide

Sweet daddy and Kennedy

Landon and our neighbor, Alec, taking a break from playing


The Tylers said...

How sweet are those pics! And LGT still wants me around all the time! Even Jake would not let anyone push the stroller but me at DW, but of course I demanded that Daddy take over;)!! I hope Landon gets to feeling better and am so glad y'all are having a great summer. Let me know about Friday!

Hannah Lee said...

We had a blast on that thing so I know Landon is just having so much fun as well. I am sorry he isn't feeling good, though. Hate that I missed the Peach party and since I can't come Friday we will just have to make up for it with a mani and pedi ;) MISS YOU!