Sunday, July 12, 2009

Camping 2009

We took our annual (my 33rd annual and 4th immediate family) trip to Lake Greeson in Murfreesboro, AR. It has always been my favorite places in the world to be and look forward to it every year. I knew this year would definitely be difficult with two young kids, but I knew I would have help with my parents and other family members.

We left on Saturday, July 4th in hope to watch the big firework display on the lake that they host every year. Approximately 500 or so boats get out on the water to watch and this year my parents brought their houseboat so we were all looking forward to seeing the show from the roof.

As we were unpacking and getting the steaks on the grill, Landon busted his chin on a metal fence while trying to climb it. We decided that it was definitely deep enough for stitches and took him into the Murfreesboro ER. For those who aren't familiar with Pikeville campground, it has a VERY rocky/bumpy road that takes 30 minutes to go appoximately 5 miles. Needless to say, we weren't too thrilled to go down that again and miss the fireworks...but oh well! In case anyone was wondering, the Murfreesboro ER is right across from the Piggly Wiggly. Only 3 rooms, but such sweet people! Landon's laceration was a perfect candidate for Dermabond which basically glued his skin together. Then we were told that it couldn't get wet for at least 5 days. Well, between sweat, popcicle juice, and eating, the glue came off by day 3 and he got a big rash from the band aid. He will have a little bigger scar than we would have liked but at least it's not in plain view.

On day two, Landon put another gash on his head by hitting it on the picnic table. Thank goodness it didn't need another trip to the ER.

On day three, Kennedy woke up with 102 fever. She is still cranky and it's been 6 days since the fever started. Almost took her to the ER b/c of so much diarrhea, no appetite and low grade fever for so long. I hate that she wasn't her normal happy self the entire week. But she was still a trooper

On day four, Kennedy fell and got a little bump on her head so the beatings continue. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad and didn't leave a bad bruise, just a scrape.

The rest of the trip was pretty much uneventful. Our extended family joined us on Wednesday and it was great to visit, float, and enjoy such PERFECT weather. It's been three years in a row that it hasn't been super hot or bad weather.

Well, enough talking and here are some pics!

If you look closely, you can see Kennedy in front of Landon!!


Landon's favorite thing to do while camping, riding with his Papa Kenny. Thank goodness we had the motorcycle because how else were we able to keep him out of the water while his chin healed!

I finally got him still enough to take a picture of his chin at the ER!!

And here is a video of Landon falling asleep at the dinner table. If you listen, my dad asks him if he wants to ride the motorcycle and his reply was "Ok"!!!!


Hannah Lee said...

Bless his heart! I laughed out loud when I saw that! Glad yall had a good time! Miss you and can't wait to se ya!

The Tylers said...

So hate to hear about the mishaps but glad y'all had a blast nontheless! How is Kennedy doing???