Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday weekend

I think I am still trying to recover from this past weekend!! We hosted a small gathering at our house Saturday morning with family and a few close friends to celebrate both Kennedy and Landon's birthday. Landon's isn't until next Sunday, but with the first home football game, we knew some out of town relatives would be able to kill two birds with one stone.

I knew that having the party at our house would bring some extra work and worry about the weather, but I decided early on that it wasn't worth worry about i didn't!! And everything worked out perfect. It did rain most of the morning, but it stopped long enough for the kids to get out in the drive way and garage and play around. And then it began raining again just in time for everyone (including me and Lance) to take a nap!!! ;)

We are so blessed to have such great family and friends to help celebrate their birthdays!! Both kids are still playing with all of the new toys they got over the weekend too. Lots of thanks go out to everyone who were able to make it! Mwah!

Here are a few pictures...

Landon's new birthday toy from Big Papa and Jana!! He loves it!!!
I always forget to stop and take pictures of me and my friends and I hate that I didn't get everyone that attended. Here is a picture of two buddies of mine, Hannah and Suzanne that made the party so much fun!!

After everyone's naps we loaded up to head out to the first Tech home football game. Landon was looking forward to it all week, but when we got there, he mentioned a couple of times that he wanted to go back home to ride his new motorcycle! ;) But we at least made it till halftime, before both of them had had enough. The bulldogs were able to pull out a large win without us!!

Sunday we enjoyed Sunday school, church, and tailgating afterwards with our Sunday School class. It was blistering hot, but a really good time! I think everyone enjoyed getting to wear jeans to church for this special 'tailgating' occasion. By the time we got home, we had another wiped out family!!


Hannah Lee said...

As always, had a blast hanging out with you. Can't believe the kids are 3 and 1! It was a wonderful party and a great time! Love you!

The Tylers said...

you are such a sweet person! we had a great time at the party...I loooove your house!! Hope y'all are having fun with your new toys!

Mark & Destin Brannon said...

OMG - Those cakes are masterpieces! We missed ya'll at the reunion, but glad you had a good party! I understand that, with kids, you can only pack so much in one day before it hits the fan! CANNOT believe Landon and Kennedy are already that big! They are beautiful, Katie!