Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Trips, trips and more trips

Since the last post, I have been having way too much fun!! I was able to sneak away on a girls trip to Nashville to visit with very dear coaching buddies of mine and there was never a dull moment. Lots of laughing and talking about old times made for a fun weekend. Kim, who is still in college coaching, is the assistant coach at Vanderbilt and we were able to stay with her in her beautiful house. And two other coaching friends, Christie and Lindsey, were able to make the trip as well. All we needed was Brooks to get the old group back together again, but since she was the only head coach of the group, she just couldn't get away for that long. She was dearly missed!!

Probably the high light of the trip was getting to see Keith Urban and Sugarland in concert. They were both so unbelievable!! Since it was 'home' for Keith, he played a little longer than normal and everyone still wanted more. I really wasn't sure how he could rock the place with having so many hits that were slow songs....boy I was wrong. He is so talented!!! It's official, I am now a huge Keith Urban fan!!!!

Our seats turned out great for having to buy them 1 hour before the show started!!!

Many thanks go out to my mom who came to stay at our house to watch the kids. Lance and his parents were able to give some relief too and I am so grateful for everyone's help so I could get away and be 'normal' for a weekend. ;) Lance was tied up with a golf tournament called the Davison Cup (just like the Ryder Cup for the professional golfers) and scoring some low scores for the Blue team...Go Blue!! They were able to take back the cup this year (finally). I really hated that I missed that event...always my favorite!

Then, not too long after I got back from Nashville, I decided to visit a friend of mine in Birmingham who has a son that is one day younger than Landon and a little girl 4 months older than Kennedy. The kids weren't in school yet and Lance was out of town, so I got brave and decided to drive 6 hours by myself. I bought Landon a new video and it was the best thing....what did our parents do without videos in the car??? It was so worth the drive because we had an absolute blast. They live right next to a pond that has so many ducks. They are used to being fed by humans all the time and they surrounded us the entire time. Landon loved that and Kennedy actually did too (until one of the snap at her toe...see pic below). We were also able to go to the zoo and it was a perfect day for that. All of the animals were out and even the lions were roaring!!
Here are some pictures from the Birmingham trip:

Landon and Jack singing to Taylor Swift, using kitchen utensils as microphones.

K and L at the zoo

Kennedy and Clare (and my friend, Jenny, in the background)

The tiger paced back and forth right in front of the boys like they were dinner!! Kinda freaky, but the boys loved it!

Landon talking things over with the ducks

The boys chasing the ducks (poor ducks!!)

I wished I got the picture after this when the duck bit her toe!!! I was too busy picking her up!

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Hannah Lee said...

Love love the pictures! So glad to see read you had such a wonderful girl's trip! Can't wait to see your beautiful face and catch up!