Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall fun

Lance and I had a great getaway to Dallas last weekend and had an absolute blast! We got there on Saturday in time to watch the Ole Miss rebels (lose...yuck) on tv and had a fabulous dinner at Nick and Sam's in downtown Dallas. It was great to have some one on one time together. The following day we met my older brother and his family for lunch at PF Changs. After that, the shopping was on!! Lance's quote of the trip, "Well, that was a first... to shop from open to close at a mall." Yep, that's what we did at Northpark mall!!

Monday was more shopping and great eating before we attended the U2 concert that night with a group of friends of ours. It was an unbelievable time!

Here is a picture of Sara and me at the style show a couple of weeks ago. Sorry, no cat walk pictures!!! ;)
Lots of thanks go out to my mom and dad for watching the kids over the weekend! They are awesome! When I picked up Landon from MDO (after being gone all weekend), he was not happy when he realized that his KK was gone!! It was so sad (and sweet).

Here are some recent pictures of the kids...

Landon and Alec at Georgia's birthday party

Kennedy loves riding on Landon's toys

My lil ballerina
And here is a short video of Kennedy's first motorcycle ride with big brother. Landon was actually very sweet about this and loved holding on to her and trying to look at her face to see if she was smiling and enjoying the ride!!


The Tylers said...

Love those pictures!! And OMG: Landry Grace was a ballerina for Halloween last year AND I still have the outfit! Hope that waasn't a 6-12 month outfit....that is what hers is. I forgot about it:(!!! Hope y'all have a great week!

Hannah Lee said...

How precious, Katie! I need to get my hands on some Kennedy-- those cheeks need some squeezin'! Love love the costumes. I got Jackson's dinosaur costume but need to get on the ball about some other fall things! You are such a great Mom. Love you!