Friday, October 9, 2009

Fly by...

Not really too much to report in the Hall household these days. We have just been busy with colds, Fall decorating, pumpkin pickin, birthdays, and playin! I have to admit, that I have really enjoyed the Halloween activities this year because it's just too much fun with Landon!

Sweet Kennedy is communicating much better, still crawling, and still getting tackled by Landon. She has also dropped to one nap a day and it's been kind of nice having them on the same nap schedule. But, I still haven't figured out how get her to sleep a little longer. I know she is exhausted, but at least she does go to bed early.

We took some pumpkin pictures at the Townsend House with Crystal Garcia. She did a fantastic job and I am so glad she had those sessions! You can go to her website to view more of her work, which is great!

Lance and I are leaving in the morning to head to Dallas for a long weekend getaway. I continue to thank my lucky stars for such great grandparents to help with the kids!! I can't wait to go shopping!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot my big night I had last night. I helped a friend of mine model some of her clothes at a style show and we had an absolute blast! Never thought I had the 'cat walk' in me, but I did my best. It was great to hang out with some sweet ladies and laugh A LOT!!! I will have to post pictures of that later.

Landon riding a pony at cousin chloe's birthday party last weekend

Painting with 'colored' yogurt...project really for landon, but Kennedy loved it way more!

Pumpkin patch pictures.....

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The Tylers said...

You are such a great mom! Those pictures are great and I am waiting for our halloween outfits to come in so I can maybe get some shots at the pumpkin patch. You go on your gig at the style show and I know you are having a BLAST shopping! Love ya!