Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter, finally!

Update on sweet Harper (I know Mandy is so grateful for all the prayers): After two weeks in the ICU, she finally came home last night. She is doing so much better and I know they are all glad to be home after such a scare! It definitely made me hug on my kids a little more every day!!

This Easter was such an amazing adventure for us!! I loved that we were able to go down to the condo and do something different this will be one to remember. My parents were able to join us and I think they were glad to be able to slow down and relax. With the four of us watching the kids, everyone got some down time.

Easter morning, it was fun watching the kids look for easter eggs inside the condo and play with their new goodies. We tried making a beach side service, but we moved along too slow to do it. But we were able to go to the Hangout for brunch and enjoy their Easter activities for the kids. I have heard lots about the Hangout, but have never been. It's a great set up and there are things to do for all ages! Here are some pictures for that morning:

Landon finding the Golden egg
Finally get a decent family picture and it's a little bright...need to do some photoshop i guess!

I was shocked that Kennedy wasn't scared of the easter bunny...just the opposite in fact! She kept following him around every chance she got!

This was a huge foam bath that all the kids got to play in...they loved it and I was amazed by all the foam!!! Some of the kids you couldn't even see!!

On that Tuesday after Easter, my parents took the kids back to Ruston (lance had to leave monday night) so I could join up with some girlfriends for our annual beach trip to Blue Mountain, FL. The past three years we have always gone on Mother's Day weekend, but we decided to switch things up this year. I was glad to already be down there so I wouldn't have to make the drive again. It was great to have some girl time, shop, and be lazy! Although, I was sad to miss Landon's first t-ball game. :( But i know there will be PLENTY more! We decided to go ahead and play this year and it's been really cute! He loves it...that makes it all worth while.

We have one more week of Mother's day out and then its summer time! I don't plan on putting the kids in the summer program because we are just gone too much and have too much going on. We did the same thing last summer it worked out great.

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