Monday, May 30, 2011

Beach with the Beck's

I am about a week behind on my posts since we have been busy with summer colds which started with Kennedy on our way back home from the beach on Sunday. She ran fever the entire way home and I didn't realize it until halfway home. :( I should have known since she was on and off napping and not saying too much. But, I have to admit that it was by far the easiest trip home since she was so quiet! No one else has ran fever, but we all still have the coughs and sniffles.

This past week has also been busy with potty training and walt disney world planning. After day 5 of potty training, I think we have mastered it! I am crossing my fingers and see if today was just a fluke. We spent 6 hours swimming today and she came out of the water many times to let me know she had to go, so I am feeling good about it today. And this is after she went #2 all by herself this morning without even telling me!

I will be posting our Memorial Day weekend pics as soon as i get my camera back. We left it today at our friends house. This is probably good so i can post pics from our May beach trip which i still haven't done!

We spent over a week at the condo right when school let out. Our former babysitter, Lindsey, who now lives in Little Rock, was able to make one last trip with us before she enters the 'real world' with a 'real job'. She brought a friend with her and they were fantastic helpers who my kids LOVE!!

My friend, Jana, was down there on a girls trip and I talked her into joining our family the last minute. The only thing was she had to convince her mom to drive all three of her boys down!! She is definitely super mom for doing it!! Landon was pumped to have a buddy to play with and they were a fun group to be around. They stayed a few days until they had to get back to Ruston. In the meantime, Lance came back down for the weekend and it was nice to be able to spend some fun quality time with just our family. The weather was absolutely perfect and the kids spent more time in the ocean this time around. The outdoor pool was still a little cool, so not much time was spent in there.

We couldn't find Kennedy and Bailey jack and this is where they were. Kennedy was reading him a book!

Peyton and Landon on boogie boards

Jumping off the sand 'wall' that was built up

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The Tylers said...

Those are some great pics! I want to know your Disney plans!!