Saturday, June 18, 2011

Escaping with the Cauley's

My dear friend, Mandy, and her family have been through the ringer the past two months. Her five year old little girl had a tough battle with pneumonia that nearly took her life. Between all the poking, prodding, ambulance rides, no sleep, tubes, beeping monitors, countless number of nurses, tears, rashes, prayers and x-rays, they all had enough. Finally, after the right kind of medicine was administered, Harper drastically improved. She came home with a pic line still in her arm and ready for life to get back to normal. But it took two weeks of being at home, secluded (for the most part) and still being on meds before life continued as before.

During her hospital stint, Harper requested to go to the beach. Her wish was granted just five days after her pic line was removed and cleared to live life as usual, Mandy and her two girls packed up to join us at the condo. The look in her girl's eyes as they frolicked in the waves that first evening was absolutely priceless. Our four days together included laughter, tears, shared secrets, pure joy and some tired kids (and mamas!). It was great being able to finally catch up with my sweet friend and I will forever cherish the sweet moments we endured.

Kennedy still asks for Harper as we are back in the real world in Ruston. She followed Harper around like a little sister would and wanted to have everything Harper had. Last night, we got the kids back together for a dive-in movie at Squire Creek pool and I loved seeing Kennedy's eyes light up when she heard Harper was coming. Too sweet!

I was proud of Landon playing so well in the ocean this past week (even though we spotted two sharks and pulled out 4 jelly fish!). He usually wants to just swim in the pools but he wanted to go to the beach everyday to swim and boogy board. Even Kennedy got some good water time in the ocean when the waves were small enough. It was a great week of clear water and smaller waves.

Anyway, enough of my rambling and on with some pictures from our trip this past week!

Sweet Baylor playing at LuLu's

Landon holding the first 'wild' hermit crab that Mandy found in the ocean. We are now owners of some pet crabs after visiting the local surf shop!

Silly Mandy and landon getting ready to go on an 'adventure'

Go Kennedy!

Group hug!

Getting ready for the dolphin tour

Landon doing his 'dolphin' call

Captain Landon

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Mama Mandy said...

Ok, well now I am the one in need of a tissue. Thanks for blessing me with your sweet words. That trip meant more to me than you will know. And you are right, seeing Harper's face that first evening was magical. Thanks for offering us the opportunity to make her wish come true! Love you!