Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial day madness!

Ok, not really madness, but I could probably call my current life an everyday madness with these two silly kiddos running around with a batman cape and a princess crown. You would think Kennedy would be the one wearing the crown and not the cape, but on this day, and on many others, it's the other way around...madness to most, but to me it's just my life! And i wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

Between learning the not-so- simple-concept of peeing in the potty, playing candyland, dancing, enduring a summer cold and having tea parties, I was ready to get out of the house and enjoy the holiday weekend festivities. Potty training is officially over and I can't believe it only took 4 days. Now, in those four days of constant attention on kennedy, it tested my patience, pride, and personality! But now she is so proud and loves to tell everyone how she got her poo poo prize, the crown that is found on someone's head throughout the day in our household.

Our weekend kicked off with spending some time with my sister in law and her family. They celebrated the birthday of her little miracle baby who was born 9 weeks prematurely this time last year. It's amazing that he is doing wonderful and is healthy as can be. I look forward to many more holidays with our kids playing together.

Sunday we went over to our friend's, Becky and Hunter Smith, house to have some major water party fun. They had a pool, two water slides, slip and slide, dirt pit and tramopline. Basically a kid heaven and a great time was had by all!! We were all exhausted and bedtime came early and easy!

Our attempt to get all the kids in one of the slides!

Monday, we were lazy most of the morning before heading over the Drewett's house around lunch time. I have been wanting to try out their new pool since it was built last fall. It has a major tunnel slide that has two turns in it and drops you into the pool from their upper deck (which you walk up two flights of stairs to reach it). I can't believe I didn't get a picture of it. We swam all day and the kids did awesome. I am simply amazed with Landon's ability to hold his breath and swim all day in the deep water without a floating device. Now, it took me going down the slide with him about 3 times before doing it by himself (it was fast and I understood his reservations!). Kennedy on the other hand didn't even bat an eye. She hopped on that thing all by herself after one ride with me....i was nervous with her going by herself, but it didn't last long.

They also had a diving board and that was a huge hit by kids and adults! Kennedy watched some of the older girls swimming and doing flips off the diving board and she wanted to do them too. She went off backwards on the diving board a couple of times before she hit her check on the board. Scared us at first when she hit, but fortunately, it was just a nasty scrape. Six hours in the pool and with no naps, we all were exhausted! We are so blessed to have such great friends to spend holidays with!

The sweet Drewett boys who were awesome with our kids. If you look close you can see K's scrape on her face.

Kennedy with Lilly Adcox..she loved Lilly's princess dive sticks! If anyone seeing these in a store, please pick some up for me!! It was ariel, cinderella and one more (i don't know all their names!!!! lol)

Tuesday night we had our end of the year party with our t-ball team at the Toma Lodge pool. I love all this swimming to keep these kids active and sleeping good at night!! We had such great coaches and parents on our team and we really enjoy spending time with each other. Big thanks to Coach Hunter and Trotter for all of their help this season!

Landon with his two T-ball coaches

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