Monday, November 14, 2011

From Nashville to Oxford

I have to say that the last 7 days have been an amazing journey for me. There is not a day that goes by that I don't thank my precious Savior for all the blessings he has given to me. But this last week, I have to admit that I was counting my blessings every hour.

A good friend of Lance's gave us tickets to the CMA's in Nashville. Lance was unable to go due to work and lack of sitters during the week. So, he convinced me (oh yeah, like that was hard!) to go without him and just meet up with a dear friend of mine that lives in Nashville. Well, come to find out, the day before the show, she can't join me and I was stuck without someone to go with me. And I should have not been surprised when another friend of mine, Shannon Roberts, booked her flight within hours of talking with me over a pedicure to fly out the next morning.

Long story short, we had an amazing time! I do believe everyone should attend the CMA's at one point of their life. Such a cool experience of watching the all-star cast of performers and legends all in one setting. My favorite part of the three hour event was seeing how things went on during the commercials, watching the wardrobe changes, and each live performance. They were all fantastic. I have two favorites of that night: 1. luke bryan singing 'Country Girl'...only because i knew every last word thanks to Landon since it is his favorite song (i also enjoyed seeing him perform at the after party too!!) and 2. Taylor Swifts new song that she talented. The setting on the stage for her was so breath taking.

Here is a picture of Shane and his wife, Sarah, who gave us the tickets

And Sarah was a HUGE Jason Aldean fan and she had to take this picture after the show (of course it's not real!)

After coming home the next day (thursday), it was time to unpack, kiss the kids, and take off again the next morning to head to Oxford, MS to watch the Tech bulldogs beat up on the Rebels. This was the first house divided game Lance and I have ever had and it was interesting to say the least! And with my connections I had in Oxford (I worked there for one season of basketball), it still holds a special place in my heart. I enjoyed seeing the changes since i was there in 2000. And even though it was a down year for the Rebels, I still enjoyed seeing the grove and listening to their Hotty Toddy song. ;) Which, by the way, lance 'claims' that he never sang while in college...blah, too-cool party pooper. I had to refrain myself from wanting to sing along!

Here is our Ole Miss group outside the house we rented: The kilpatricks, Becks and Smiths (and no, a child did not take this picture...just Hunter's handy work with the timer on the camera)
The girls: Sarah, me, Becky and Jana
And my sweet hubby...still smiling even though his rebels were getting dominated at this point (prob 2nd quarter!!!!) Ha!!!

It was great seeing former Oxford faces and familiar Ruston faces too. I especially enjoyed catching up with Hannah Lee, who i haven't seen in over a year! But to top the weekend off, the Dawgs whipped up on the Rebels and I was so proud to be a Tech fan. Let's just hope we can hold onto Coach Sonny Dykes a little longer!

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Hannah Lee said...

SO PROUD TO BE A TECHSTER! Poor Lance...You can't win 'em all buddy :) So wonderful seeing yall. Please let's do it again soon! Love ya, girl!