Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Opps! Please don't call childcare services!

At Landon's two year doctor's appointment, our doctor suggested that we see a pediatric cardiologist to look at a murmur that she kept hearing. She really thought it was nothing, but just to be on the safe side, we scheduled one. Fast forward four months and we finally get in to see the doctor today! He said his heart looks and sounds great, but that he has pneumonia! Not a bad case, but needs to be addressed today before it really gets worse. He asked me if he had been sick or coughing a lot and I said, "Yes!" All through the holidays he had a cold and now it has turned into this.

So, I drove back to Ruston (about an hour away) to see if we could get into our pediatrician. Mom was watching Kennedy so we went by to pick them up and headed to the doctor's office. She looked him over and said that his tubes (that we put in back in August) are coming out and that he has an ear infection. Grrrr! Those are supposed to last at least a year. I guess this explains some super crankiness we have been experiencing with him!

Since we had Kennedy there, I asked our doc to look at her. She had caught Landon's cold over a week ago and her sleeping patterns were off. Soooo, it turns out that she has not only one but two ear infections. Yikes! Poor thing!

And just think, these were all discoveries that were made during a routine check-up! ;) Yep, that's me, Mom of the year! At least Landon was WONDERFUL with everyone poking around on him all day. He was a little ham and the doctors loved him!


Hannah Lee said...

Those beautiful babies are going to be fine! You ARE a wonderful mother!

Amy Mccathran said...

You are a great mother Katie! Hopefully both kids will be feeling much better very soon :)

The Gilbert Family's Great Adventures said...

I know how you feel! I have had the same thing happen both with ear infections and pnuemonia! It happens! The heart thing is scary but you'd never know Marleigh has 3 holes in her heart by looking at her!

The Tylers said...

Oh my, can I tell YOU some stories of neglect during the past year. Starting with Jake having a chicken pox outbreak on Christmas Day when Landry was 15 days old-for starters! We will have to do a play date and share some of those stories!!

The Tylers said...

But I do hope your babies get better-and they will. Babies are so resilient! Did I spell that right?