Thursday, January 29, 2009

Busy, yet boring..

Has anyone ever asked you how your day/week is going and you say, "So busy!" And then they follow up with the question, "What did you do?" - "Ummmm, let's see. I really don't know. I really can't remember!" Yep, that's my week!! Both the kiddos are feeling good and we've been trying to get outside as much as we can with this cold weather. Fortunately, today was really nice and we got out after Landon came home from Mother's Day out.

I am looking forward to my parents coming over tomorrow to hang out with the kids. I just love their company and Landon goes crazy when they are near.

I thought i would post some cute pictures that I got of Kennedy this week (finally). She has been my early bird this past week and it's been wearing me out. I am ready for a full night's sleep!!


Hannah Lee said...

AHH! So Sweet! That smile melts my heart! Hope you guys have a fun weekend with the parents! See ya soon!

The Tylers said...

Absolutely adorable! Kennedy is darling and yes, I know just what you mean about busy YET BORING. I have some precious spring outfits that you can borrow for Kennedy. The are size 6 months, but most of them are generous. Let me know. Enjoy your day with the parentals:)

Shelley (Cole) Parker said...

Katie-she is adorable! I have not gotten to see her much awake. She has definitely been growing. Hope you have a great weekend :)